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Eva Braun

Article about: Thanks guys,. figure on this sort of response. I know its a mine field out there but surely my luck must take a turn for the better one day. I know plenty of bad websites and avoid like the

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    Default Eva Braun

    Hi All.
    I am in search of any of Eva Braun's items. having great difficulty in finding genuine products. Interested in any but looking for letters and small item with the EB logo.
    any help would be appreciated.
    many thanks

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    Have a look at Papers, Please - Collectible Documents & Militaria I think I saw an Eva Braun letter on this site. Good luck mate, Dave.

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    Welcome to the forum.
    From your opening posts it seems you're after some high end and expensive items of which there are many fakes. Eva Braun items are as rare as the proverbial and quite hard to authenticate.
    In your search I imagine you will end up at a website called 'Snyder's Treasures'. A word of caution. He has many alleged Eva Braun items from underwear to dresses to personal items, none of them are going to be genuine as Charlie Snyder has a reputation for selling fake items, items which have been made into desireable pieces. For example, period handkerchiefs embroidered with the EB motif. These are not actually from Braun's effects but have been made to appear so.
    Do a search for the above mentioned seller and you will find many threads here about him and his dubious items. Do not waste your money there.

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    Many thanks Guys. Have been warned re:snyders. Have some good contacts who are on the look out, Really anything small and if the price is right.
    I know what you mean about the fakes, been burnt a few times.

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    Surfing the interweb, I recently stumbled over Germania International. He has a shedload of EB items.
    I dont know if that pace is like the above mentioned site. Maybe some here know?
    I must stress, that I have no connection to the site what so ever.
    I have never bought from either and have no intention to do so.

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    Germania International should be avoided

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    I was not sure as I never dealt with them, but certainly some things seemd iffy there.
    Not lesast the tone, some comments and calling Baldur von Schirach for 'Balder von Schirich' LOL

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    I actually have 4 pieces of EB cutlery

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    Welcome to the forum friend.
    Your search is a difficult one as you already know.
    There is a plethera of items that are being offered in todays market from panties to a cigarete case by one questionable dealer. Which I find laughable myself. A cigarette case form a gal whose sugar daddy was a rabid anti smoker. Go figure.
    I have 2 small simple oil landscape paintings on masonite that were given to me by a retired army colonel in the early 70's that he claimed were seized in a very well appointed home in Berchtesgaden at the end of WWII. The problem I have is that there is no way to confirm that Braun dabbled in painting so I have hung on to them as curiosities. One is signed E Braun. The paintings are classic Bavarian style but there is no way to confirm that Braun was inspired by Hitler to spend time dabbling in art.
    Best of luck friend.

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    Default Re: Eva Braun

    Haha yes, I got a good laugh recently; one of the above sites offered a big silver AH cigarette box.
    As you say; like H would have had a big silver box on the table for his cronies to pick smokes from, when he enjoyed his tea at Berchtedgaden.

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