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German cigarette case with Eastern Front Medal on the front + initials

Article about: I have to admit I really don't like it either -- this is a perfect example of how to inflate your return on two cheap items by combining them, making it all into one "unique" perio

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    I have to admit I really don't like it either -- this is a perfect example of how to inflate your return on two cheap items by combining them, making it all into one "unique" period piece with history that can be dreamt up by the imaginative. I can't see the scenario where an official award would have been ruined and stuck onto a cigarette case either --- But, of course, if you like it it's all that matters.

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    Circuit advertisement German cigarette case with Eastern Front Medal on the front + initials
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    This is a Very common item found in flea markets and places of such that is produced by the scammers. If you wish to believe that this item was made by a german solider during the Second World War, or even shortly afterwards, that is certainly your prerogative, but I can assure you the likely-hood is slim to none, if not impossible.
    It also appears that you put a great amount of faith and trust into your dealer... don't! He is human, too, and will make many mistakes. Thinking otherwise is nothing short of naive(not saying you do). No matter how "trustworthy" or knowledgable they may appear, it is impossible for someone to always be right about every aspect of this hobby.
    So what you probably have here is an old cigarette case with either a authentic or reproduction Eastern Front medal(your pictures are blurry and can't be enlarged, therefore I can't tell) that was put together recently by a collector, dealer, or con-artist; speaking from experience, I highly doubt any solider would take their award and fixate it to a ciggarette case. One would think that, instead, they would use a photo album which contains pictures of their days in the service, or a similar item, it's common sense.
    I hope this doesn't appear to be rude or condescending, as that is not my intent. I just think you're in need of knowing the truth. Otherwise, in ten years you're going to find yourself with a collection filled with reproductions and suspect items. If you find this to be a hard pill to swallow just look at it this way, everyone is in agreement this is probably a post-war creation besides yourself, which speaks volumes.
    Almost forgot, if you ever want to verify when they came together, testing the glue would probably be a good place to start.

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    The cigarette case is late 40's imo, having collected tobacciana almost as long as militaria and alone without the medal would be worth around $30- $35 to a collector and I have no reason to believe the medal isn't authentic either.

    How and when it was attached and by who is irrelevant though it was most likely post war, if you look back to previous posts I never stated it was a soldier, German or otherwise and was merely speculating.

    As for trusting the dealer, I don't just blindly trust anyone, especially when it comes to spending money but the guy is known by reputation in these parts, he's been collecting, selling and appraising military antiques most of his life. Sure not everything he sells is going to be of outstanding quality, there are some rare items, and then there are a few things like this.

    Its unique, its different and the only one I've ever seen here.
    Im sorry it doesn't meet your standards but hey, we can't all be perfect mate and for your information, there isn't a fake in my entire collection, how do I know? 1, I only buy from reputable dealers. 2 I know what im looking for and 3. I research. swallow that pill.

    Honestly, I wonder why I bother posting on this forum. Yes we all have different likes and dislikes, I've got no problem with people not liking this piece and while im happy with comments, opinions and criticism I do not appreciate being patronized and talked to like a stupid child, especially by someone younger than myself.

    Mods, feel free to lock or close this thread, its done.



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    It is always interesting tp see items like this posted. It can lead to lively discussion and theory. I always attempt to curb any rudeness in the Forum and frankly, did not see anything in any of the posts I felt was out of line. When you post something unusual and likely one of a kind, expect to receive some negative posts. As others have said, the important thing is that you are happy with the item. You have it in hand which is a great advantage over pictures. I also agree that the best of dealers can make mistakes in judgement. My rule in judging a controversial piece is the more excuses and explanations I have to make for it, the less I should want to own it. Thanks for posting this interesting artifact.


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