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German Glass Gobblet

Article about: Has anyone ever seen one of these before? No markings. Just the eagle engraved in the glass. Had it for a number of years and am just throwing it out there to see if anyone could identify. H

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    Mark/Gunny/Jimm/et al........

    Love the feedback. Yes, this is a quality piece and very interesting. But more importantly I've been able to share it for everyone to see (instead of the back of my cabinet). And I've learned what a Pontil is :-)

    Thanks for all your help.

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    MAP I,ll offer you a That's 10 sterling.

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    Ha!!! Well, that is better than $10 (and I'm a banker). But I paid MUCH more than that. Like I said earlier......I overpaid, but would do it again and again. I just had to have it and you can't put a price tag on love :-)

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    Very nice item. When the max show was in NC I stopped at a table of a dealer(I think with last name Patton) who had an item just like yours. Very heavy glass, very nicely done and pretty expensive so not really knowing much about it I passed. Now at least if I see it at a show I'll have an idea of what it is at least. Very nice score MAP!

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    Lol - I was going to say it looked a bit like an egg cup
    but maybe the dimensions are too big. Something
    not many people use today I imagine.

    The 'sweating' aspect has me puzzled. Could it be
    made of Bakelite instead of glass.........?

    Edit: No - you said it was see through !


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    Bill....I wasn't at the Max show but some of my friends were (and unfortunatly they are not Patton). I'll ask them if they saw something like this.

    Yes, this is pure German robustness! 2.5lbs of solid glass.

    I think I really overpaid but I'll finally come clean :-) on the price. You all can let me know if it was too much....or if I got a bargin.

    While it was a few years back, I think it was $200. But as I noted it was not the cost....I just had to have it.

    So.....worth it or not?

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    Steve...Thanks. Per your edit, yes. 100% glass. I've posted a few more pick showing how you can see through from the Pontil to the bottom of the cup. Also a few other shots showing the brown tint in the light and it's size in comparison to other items (none of the pics are great but you get the idea.)

    And yes, it really does sweat. Microscopic and only if it sits for a long time.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG1271.jpg 
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Size:	205.7 KB 
ID:	670996Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG1272.jpg 
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Name:	IMAG1273.jpg 
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Name:	IMAG1274.jpg 
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ID:	670999Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG1275.jpg 
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Size:	221.2 KB 
ID:	671000

    Taken the liberty of also showing part of my collection (my kids have to share a room because of this ). Small compared to most of you all and not focused on anything but something I love. Hope you all don't mind.......... (Note: The SS helmet is a fake)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG1282.jpg 
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Size:	231.9 KB 
ID:	671004Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMAG1281.jpg 
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Name:	IMAG1280.jpg 
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Name:	IMAG1276.jpg 
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Name:	IMAG1284.jpg 
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ID:	671005

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    MAP, Sometimes as you say one just has to have the object & over paying for something is all in the eye of the beholder. I bet we all have items that we paid too much for but the pleasure we get out of obtaining the item is worth way more than the money spent. Again beautiful object! In fact, quite a nice collection of items in general I see there!

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    The collection is mostly just odd and ends with no focus (i.e. impulse buyer). I try to get something of everything and every theater. Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing those pictures , great collection. And personally i think $200 for the Goblet was a fair price. It would be great to know who it was made for and for what it was presented for. Such a shame there is not any history to be found on the item , i have tried my hardest to research it on the net but to no avail. Such a nice item though and once again well done for obtaining it.

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