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A.H Ash tray

Article about: Hi all, Picked this up via a deceased estate at auction sometime ago .It was purchased by me as an unknown piece ,and was alledgedly picked up during the war .I have read the various discuss

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    Think you will find smoking then was considered fashionable,and party members did smoke after dinnertime functions !!! ;-)

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    Thinking about this logically ,i take it tea sets belonging to other party members existed ?? so why not a set for the leader of Germany at that time ,it would be logical that a number were produced and certainly would have made a nice pick up after the war to send home. People comment on the back stamp differing on tea sets ,well look at any porceline factory ,stamps were constantly changing in variation.
    The eagle quality is just awsome ,literally 3D ,i believe gold leaf ?? the aging is consistant and its source not in doubt in my other than the debate on allach tea services and dealers that sell them ...and yes they do have original stuff up for sale as well !! lol then i genuinly think its a gem !! ....sadly i dont collect third reich items though !!! :-O

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    Hitler and other high ranking members of the Party certainly had their own crockery. This is a historically documented fact. Ash trays included.

    The real issue here is did Allach make items for the Fuhrer?

    Cheers, Ade.
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    ....and thats why the debate continues !! until and if documentary evidence surfaces we will always have doubt.
    It reminds me of Chards victoria cross for Rorks drift..for years many doubted it was correct ,due to differing slightly from the "real deal " and it was purchased in the 80s i believe for a low amount ...and eventually a document was found that proved it was correct !! it now resides in a museum....
    Allach made pieces for high ranking officials it does seem logical that tea sets could have been ordered .
    Are any other AH tea sets known by any other makers ???????????????????????????????????????????????

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    did someone rat out that ash tray to AH.... piano wire

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    Ade: I think it's safe to say that Allach produced some, if not all, the porcelain products intended for Hitler's use as head of state. The Porzellan Manufaktur Allach was a part of the SS financial empire, as evidenced by the Allach logo shown below. Dennis R. Porel has written a 2-volume work on Allach titled, Allach Porcelain, 1936-1945, published by Schiffer. Dwight
    A.H Ash tray

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    Can someone give me an idea how much one of these Ashtrays is worth. I can only find the odd plate for sale. Seems the ashtrays are rare ...thanks Steve

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    Charlie Snyder has got an identical one for sale on his site. Unusually it's POA, as all the other pieces that make up the set are priced for all to see.
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    Thanks !!! ;-)

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    An undamaged Allach made ashtray from Hitler's porcelain service....probably in the range of $2000-maybe more on a good day...

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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