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Article about: Hi guys, Could this be from the TR era? Never saw something like this. The owner says it's made of wood; 55 cm in diameter. What do you think? Thank you all!

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    i like it adi and woud have pay that for it evan if its just for the nice display!

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    Thanks, Ewan. I managed to get in contact with an association of Siebenburgen Germans. I would have asked them about this, but when I've send them a picture of this they just stopped talking with me.

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    Adi I wonder why

    It is a nice display piece, whether it is real or not, it doesn't matter

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    "it doesn't matter"? come on, John... I bet you won't tell this about other stuff.

    Nick, put that hi-fi as your "Signature Picture", maybe he will stop.

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    Real or not it's a really neat piece. Just imagine if there was an Eagle to go with it.

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    thats a really nice carved piece you have there,
    maybe waffenshane knows something about this sort of thing
    as he has a pretty vast collection of carved and hand crafted memorabilia
    like the one you posted

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    Thanks! Any opinion is welcomed, particularly that of an experienced collector.

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    post or pre 1945 its still a nice carving , and would display well with any third reich items, i would pay up to 200us if i came upon it maybe ,,,,good find still

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