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Hermann Göring (Carinhall) - ladle

Article about: Hi, is this original ladle of Hermann Göring? Ladle was allegedly found in 1956 in rubble of Carinhall.

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    Dammit Dennis I told you to stay out of my Repro stuff in my garage !

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    Thank you all for your comments.

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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    I would have thought the funds of fatty G would have stretched to solid silver, also if silver plate items are engraved it is done before the plating process and not after!...
    Engraving is done on silver-plate after the plating process. Otherwise, the engraving is going to be filled with silver.

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    Quote by DianaGaleM View Post
    Engraving is done on silver-plate after the plating process. Otherwise, the engraving is going to be filled with silver.
    I thought that was the idea, if you engrave onto silver plate you usually cut through into the base metal creating an area where the plating starts to flake off!...
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    "CHROM ALPACCA" is chrome-plated nickel silver. Nickel silver is a preferred base metal for flatware because its silver color isn't obvious when plating wears off or the piece is engraved. Some silver plating is done on a brass bass, and it's yellow color is very obvious when it comes through.

    I agree that Goering would more likely have had echtsilber (solid silver) than versilbert (silver plate), but one wonders if a set of chrome-plated flatware might not have appealed to the soldier in him (e.g., for use in the field). Chrome-plated tableware was popular in the Art Deco / Machine Age period, and it has the advantages of being non-corrosive and not in need of polishing.

    The mark with the twin stick figures represents the German Zwilling company (Zwilling is German for "twins"), so the manufacturer is reasonable.

    I do agree the piece is phony, but not because it's chrome-plated alpacca. The fact that the engraving is off-center and not as beat up as the ladle gives it away in my book.

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    Goring's silver and other valuables was all shipped to the Obersalzburg by a private train found in a tunnel by the 101st Airborne Division. The same train contained his looted art collection. I agree that this piece is a fake.


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    As someone having had an entire 149 piece silver plated flatware set Replated, I can say that none of the engravings or designs were lost or even softened in the plating process. If the replater knows his business, monograms and design work can certainly be replated with no loss or damage to the original.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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