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Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

Article about: Describing it as " fancy" is wierd

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    Default Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    I recently bought this from Snyder's treasures basicly its a tobacco tin that was once owned by Hermann Goering and Snyder said in an interview with Albert Speer he was told that Goering sometimesused this tobcco can it was taken from the obersalzberg area by a member of the 101st airborne it came with a certificate of authenticity (*NOTE I think the tobacco in the can was there when it was found)

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    Am i correct that Snyders Treasures is a site full of fantasy and Fourth Reich items? Or am I wrong on that? I had no idea he was in Bowie MD. Maybe I should pay him a visit.

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    It was used as a spinning top in gambling matches against Adolf aswell if you believe snyders story!

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    Cool story, bro!

    Seriously, that guy is one of the biggest thieves around!!! I think he has even claimed to have hair from AH. Really?!

    I have to ask though, how much was that item? Is he also selling a bridge in Brooklyn? I would suggest getting your $$$ back if you can.

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    well its my sad tale to say i spet a total of $560 499 for the can the rest for a copy of his book

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    Good bought something from Snyder??

    And, yes-he's Always been in Bowie,MD-as long as I can remember...and that's awhile ago! If you visit him, ask him for the hundred bucks he stole from me back in the early 70's for a package that I returned but was never refunded for...He's an old thief from Wayyy back in the day. He must be...what now? A 100? He was contemporary with Roger Steele and Joe Walters...The old pirate will Never die...

    Clipping a 17 year old for $560 bucks....sheesh.....that is a true dyed in the wool conscience at all....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    Well return that if you can!!! Call him out on his BS! And for future advise, you should always post pics here and get advise from the hardcore collectors/experts!!!

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    Snyder is not a man that is well respected...I really think he believes his own stories....I can just imagine him with his box of treasures, and asking Albert Speer " is this real" and Speer just nodding to shut him up!

    I'm sure the tobacco was added later, probaly from Snyders local tobacconist! Most of his site is advertising for his book!

    COA are only worth what the collector believes.....and again there is advertising for his book and website on it!!

    I'd try to get your money back

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    Also, I see you're 17 and from Cali. Isn't 17 a minor in Cali? Maybe you can work that angle on his stupid ass and get your money back. Why is he ripping off kids? Ask him that and tell him your parents are consulting a lawyer. Go to war with him, kid! Dude is a thief!

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    Default Re: Hermann Goering Tobacco Tin

    I'm going to hang onto that address. I know exactly where Bowie is. Is there any way that he knew you were 17, cuz that's just heartless! Start working on a refund, and if he starts playing games let us know. He is only two counties away from me. That SOB.

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