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Himmler's cigarette dispenser??

Article about: The story goes: My father obtained this item from Himmler's home towards the end of WWII. He served in Germany after the war policing the area with his platoon. One day they made camp in Him

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    Quote by aurelius180 View Post
    The item in question is definately real...I saw it on the internet.

    It can be had for the low, low price of 32,000.00 in USA currency accepted in cash or Bank Cashier's Check, or 25 ounces of Gold, or 1280 ounces of Silver.

    Himmler's wooden cigarette dispenser

    If you're looking for some blank, factory sealed audio cassettes this is definately the place to go as well.
    Oh dear, oh dear...

    Love the alleged "Key to the City of Bochum" (a total steal at $ 325), too. (In the real world, it's one of those pseudo-antique "cellarer keys" that have a corkscrew inside. Popular as giveways from wine merchants.)

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    Circuit advertisement Himmler's cigarette dispenser??
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    I like the added feature of the asymmetrical swastika scrawled beneath the writing. That's how you know it's German.

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    Who would want to display that, especially a high ranking Nazi official . The text seems to be inscribed by a three year old.

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    "The text seems to be inscribed by a three year old"
    OMG, please tell me that Ray and Zeke haven't started breeding! Keeping it in the family though, and starting them young.

    I am always amazed at the amateurish attempts when with a little effort you can create a perfect copy.

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