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Himmler's cyanide capsule holder?

Article about: Im at a gun show this morning and saw this. The story goes is that it's Himmler's cyanide capsule holder supposedly taken at the scene of his death.. The interesting thing is that it's not f

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    Watch the video i posted earlier in this thread.

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    Circuit advertisement Himmler's cyanide capsule holder?
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    Fake capsule shown in one of the old books, this one here in 2nd photo shown are several photos of on the web and does kind of look like modified rifle brass. Not sure anyone will ever know but its a safe bet there would be a container as it absorbs through the skin. Glass ampule in brass container and they would always have time to move it to the mouth if threatened.

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    Potatoe, patato.. Tomatoe, tomato,,, Either way same result...
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    Goring had two. One was found when he entered prison. The other was missed as he had it hidden in his facial cream container (as he claimed in his suicide note per the documentary). The Cyanide was in a glass ampule stored in the brass container as you noted
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    The only one with any kind of providence i know of is the IWM one, but even then its not a Bob stated earlier, i thought Himmler just had the ampoule in his mouth..sorry Map we crossed again

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    I have always had concerns regarding the ones stamped with the SS runes due to the individual selling them. This thread has clarified for me that they were fake. That SOB Himmler looks to peaceful in death. He should have died a slow painful demise for all of the people he had slain.


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    Even the IWM one states "The phial allegedly belonged to SS Obergruppenfuhrer Oswald Pohl" ..when a museum says 'allegedly' that doesnt give me great also lists the description of the container as vastly different from these SS ones..i have done a bit of reading on the SS ones in the past and not one has any kind of legitimacy. even if a 'real himmler' one came up, its not something i would want in my collection, a cowards way out for a coward.

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    Would of been worse if the vial was RZM marked
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    Quote by Larry C View Post
    Would of been worse if the vial was RZM marked
    Larry... RZM regulations prohibited the..... Hahahahahaaaaa G
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    .... And this is my cyanide capsule holder manufactred by tiger...
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