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Hitler Silverware

Article about: I bought these many years ago. Below is what I was told by someone on another forum. Nice set of silver, while Gottlieb did make the blade the silver maker mark is for Wilkens & Sohn. Th

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    Default Hitler Silverware

    I bought these many years ago. Below is what I was told by someone on another forum.

    Nice set of silver, while Gottlieb did make the blade the silver maker mark is for Wilkens & Sohn. The mark is a silver press. This is one of the nicer marker marks to see on AH silver as it is one of the few that have not been messed with. Even some reference books do not know this mark as they have it as unidentified.
    Though you might like to know

    I have been working with silver for over twenty years now and consult for a few firms in militaria. I have been working with 6 of the remaining silver firms and Krupp on a book on WW1 and WW2 presented silver and hope to complete it mid next year.
    The AH you have is allot better than the silver with the national eagle on it anyway as this was for everyday use, allot of this was melted down after the war. There is allot of fake AH and others all over the place as well as LAH.

    I tried to add to the post, but it keeps bring up an error. If anybody has any questions
    about the silver I would be happy to let them know by email if they need to contact me that the silver you have is 100% period by Wilkens & Sohn. The AH that Snyder has is the same as yours, while some of his items are questionable this style is correct. There are more people buying fake SS silver on the market right now and then trying to justify the
    marks, the problem their is that it makes other silver look bad. While the formal patterns of most TR silver has been copied, yours is one of the few that has not been done yet.
    I would also be willing if you would like to write a letter for you reguarding the silver for you if you want.

    My back ground in silver started along time ago with my farther who collects English silver. During this time I started collecting military silver along with my favorite damascus swords ( this was hard on the pocket book but fun ), during this time I started researching maker marks and firms in Germany and now have quite a few friends there.
    Over the past 8 years I have worked with several engravers to keep up to date with the different methods used to engrave silver and how to spot period engraving and mounting on
    Imperial and TR silver. There are many old tricks that Imperial and earlyer silversmiths used which the fakers are not good at, this is really an art form which the modern day engravers cannot match.
    About 4 years ago I helped out Mike Little at
    Johnson Reference Books with a group they had in which there were cups, which turned out to have been done in the 1950's, this set was sent back to Germany but its still out there.
    It was now that Mike asked me if I would write a book on Presented silver of WW1 & WW2,
    I dont remember saying yes but I am doing this
    When you look at your silver take a 10xloop and look at the engraving on the handle. Look at the way the scribe marks are, how they tail off at the ends, look at the depth on the engraving on each item you will start to see the pattern. Look at the little touch highlites
    in between the main letters. Look and see the flow of the cut which the engraver did.
    Now you should have a really good idea on how
    silver engraving should look.
    Allot of TR and some Imperial items dont have this craftmanship. This is why yours is such a great set.
    I will take a few photos of some of mine and send them to you.
    It is nice to meet somebody else who likes silver.
    Hitler SilverwareHitler SilverwareHitler SilverwareHitler SilverwareHitler SilverwareHitler Silverware

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    Well, a nice set but how it is connected with III Reich?

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    Not the typical AH monogram seen on his cutlery and more likely to have belonged to someone else with the same initials and not Herr Hitler.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Isnt there a Hotel that has that motif on the tableware? And its always confused with A Hitler

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    Yes, the Adler Hof Hotel.

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    The money is in the AH formal/informal Bruckmann silverware while the other patterns are a hard sell and not nearly as collectable.

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