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Huge KC War Painting.

Article about: OK, how about this big baby! Talk about big it's about 6ft high and almost to my door, or can I say in my house. done during the war and signed by a known painter. greg

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    greg koepp

    Default Huge KC War Painting.

    OK, how about this big baby! Talk about big it's about 6ft high and almost to my door, or can I say in my house.

    done during the war and signed by a known painter.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Huge KC War Painting.  

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    Harry Morant

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    Nice Russian Front painting - do you know who the subject was?

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    greg koepp

    Default Re: Huge KC War Painting.

    Well the owner of it now has quite a bit of information on the painter and stuff but not sure if the man in the painting is known from what I remember? But it should be tracked down, I would think the background of the painter might give some insight?
    Oh one thing I remember is that the painter was not a strong Nazi and was not liked like some others as he always blurred or hid the Swastika.

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    Default Re: Huge KC War Painting.

    Hi Greg, that is a very impressive peice of art work. Thanks for showing it.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Huge KC War Painting.

    Thats one awesome painting , lucky man , cheers Raymond

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    greg koepp

    Default Re: Huge KC War Painting.

    thanks guys but I don't have it locked in yet.. working hard tho!!

    heres some info on the painter tho:

    32” wide x 72” high
    Sepp Happ was a minor artist of that time. He was then, and still is currently best known for his floral and bird works - mostly revolving around brightly colored finches. Bright and colorful pallets meant that Sepp Happ was doing well enough on his own when the Nazis came to power. Unfortunately for all Nazi era German artists, they had to somehow get onto the “approved list” for political work, or they did not paint and sell their work. Sepp Happ produced very minor few pieces that would qualify him as “supporting” the general goals of the art requirements for the Third Reich. He did that, however, in a very rebellious way, including the painiting which is dated 1943. The pun is, that even though Sepp Happ was producing military type art for the regime, he did this while never glorifying the “Nazi philosophy” any piece of work. For example, the helmet has a camouflage paint scheme, and therefore no decal that would have had the state swastika. Also, the Knight’s Cross is well tucked into the collar of the soldier combat blouse. Even the Iron Cross First Class on the left pocket has no real detail where the swastika should be within the eagle’s talons, and the same goes for the cloth breast Eagle over the right pocket. Not even the hint of a Swastika can be seen, just some obscured lines that give the general image. That’s funny, because the ribbons and edges of the Knight’s Cross have such light and detail and color that the same could have been done throughout the work - but was not. Sepp Happ finished the war as a virtual unknown in the art field for political work. I believe he was also a Wehrmacht Colonel in some standing, but he could have been in the reserves. He continued after the war within the natural scenes for his particular genre of art. Sepp Happ’s resistance to being a member of the Nazi era art community is refreshing and extremely noteworthy to the piece. He also did a work in another battle scene, “Everywhere Stands Our Infantry.” It is an assault scene in black and white watercolor type brush movements. It makes the painting not only historical, but historic as well.

    greg koepp

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    Default Re: Huge KC War Painting.

    Very interesting Greg , cheers Raymond

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    Default Re: Huge KC War Painting.

    fabulous painting,,,wish i it were mine,,,great catch,,,Robert

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