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KL Buchenwald Table Knife

Article about: Hello guys, I have seen this KL Buchenwald table knife for sale. I have found these examples (3 PC'S SILVERWEAR FROM BUCHENWALD CAMP, German Reich Military Treasures) but they appear to have

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    Sorry, English is not my first langauage. I did not wanted to say that KL personal did not used knives, spoons or forks. Of course they did! As they also used plates, saucers etc. But - maybe I will make a mistake but were they marked like the knife Glen posted? Or were they just ordinary III-Reich period items used in KL-s? Often unmarked and sometimes marked with RAD, DAF or even Wehrmacht or Luftwaffe logos? I have for example plates from the Waffen SS hospital but none of them is marked with Waffen SS logo - all are marked with MdA. So I belive that also in KL-s most of such items were not specially marked. And I also belive this knife has nothing to do with the KL Buchenwald but of course it is only my opinion what can easily also be wrong.

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    No need to say sorry for that. I thought perhaps you meant the prisoners, not the staff. That would, as stated earlier, be a very different matter.


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