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matchbox holder

Article about: This has an Art Deco style to it, like cigarette cases of the 1920-30's era. I'm interested in the outcome of this item.

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    Default matchbox holder

    Got these weeks a nice matchbox holder from a friend.
    Very interesting work. Made from brass, the black areas look like made
    with a template and are a kind of enamel paint. The whole item is covered with zapon varnish.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture matchbox holder   matchbox holder  

    matchbox holder  

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    Circuit advertisement matchbox holder
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    Very nice! Never seen anything like it before.

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    I think your friend likes fake Nazi stuff.

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    Although I've never seen one exactly like this, I do know that these matchbox holders are heavily faked and I have my suspicions accordingly...
    cheers, Glenn
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    Unfortunately, I have to agree with the above. It is an attractive design, but to my eyes, it does not look vintage.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I do agree with the analysis this doesn't look vintage, but one must consider the many other original items which don't either. Therefore, I don't think we should be so quick to pass judgment considering that nobody as of yet, including myself, has seen this variant before. Granted, these are faked on massive scale, and it could be that it's just an new fantasy addition to the market, I still feel we should exercise prudence when stating whether it's authentic or not until some kind of evidence comes forth or at bare minimum, until we see the market flooded with this example.
    Please note I'm not saying anyone is deeming this to be a fake, nor am I saying this is an original by any means.

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    Thanks for all your opinions.
    As i got this item as a little present i first had the opinion too that this is a well made fantasy. But after looking at it several times and realizing the complicated technique its made, i got unsure and did some researching.
    I didn`t find this exact pattern, but i found a matchboxholder made exact in this technology. Completely unspectacularly and it is showing the building of the "Kriegsschule Wiener Neustadt" (i will talk to the owner to show here pics).
    And this one is a sure period item, it came with the estate of an high ranking officer.
    So meanwhile i am the opinion the here showed one is rather a period one, than a fake/fantasy.
    At least i have never seen a fake/fantasy one made in this technology and i have seen a lot in my years of collecting.
    Again thanks to all for opinions.

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    Never seen this exact design, but have seen loads of fake matchboxes when in the East.
    Few things in this World is a 100% sure, but Ill go with fake.

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    Not wanting to cast doubt but has anyone EVER seen this stylized eagle design before...on ANYTHING?

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    I real like these interesting discussions. In my opinion that is a important part in collecting.
    Ok, got the permission from the owner of the other matchboxholder made in this way to post his pics.
    I will do this this evening and i am real excited for maybe new opinions

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