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NSDAP Christmas Ornaments. ???

Article about: I have only ever seen a set like this 2 or 3 times before. something that was a faked item early on? or could possibly be real?

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    Default Re: NSDAP CHristmas orniments. ???

    I also remember seeing a period photograph of a Christmas tree decorated with apparently very similar ornaments. Nice to see a set actually still in the box. Were these for sale somewhere or do you own this set?

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    I love them!

    I tried to buy a set like this a few years back but was late to the party!

    Lucky you!

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    Looks good to me i have recently bought a set my self but silver collors but these red ones i like even more!

    These you don't find evry day for sale picked the one i have up at an antiek dealer over here.

    Before i didn't know this existed. But nice ones!

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    Wagriff, sorry for the extremely delayed response, I lost the thread, Yes the set in the pictures are in my collection, Since this thread I have found pictures and comments of a few other sets with round shaped balls, and some similar to the ones in my set, but have yet to find one with a tree topper ornament like this set has.

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    Tis the season - these type of items were available during the III Reich and pop-up around this time of the year - from the pictures these look to be period.
    Nice find
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    I agree, most certainly has the correct period "look". I would say this is not even an item you'd think a faker would create, but than again after some of the bs fantasy items I've seen, I wouldn't put anything past them.

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    I remember decorations similar to these (without swastika)when i was a kid, my mum had a box of family decorations from the 30s/40s even the boxes were the similar to the one shown. Would fakers go to the trouble of replicating these unless they had the original mold? but there again!....
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    Default Re: NSDAP CHristmas orniments. ???

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    Lazer4856: I'm pretty sure that your TR Christmas ornaments are genuine. I did some poking around on the web and found a lot of information on how the Nazis handled Christmas during their twelve year reign. Here are a couple of photos that I found, one of which is identical to your set.

    NSDAP Christmas Ornaments.  ???NSDAP Christmas Ornaments.  ???

    The top photo is from a British online newspaper, Mail Online and they credit the photo to the NS Documentation Zentrum. The lower photo is from a site called, "WWII in Color" and there is no attribution for the photo. Dwight

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    Default Re: NSDAP CHristmas orniments. ???

    Wow nothing else better to get you in the Christmas spirit than ornaments with the nazi party symbol on the

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