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NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

Article about: Whatever they are, they are not NSDAP frames.........

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Whatever they are, they are not NSDAP frames.........


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    Circuit advertisement NSDAP stamped Photo frames?
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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Am thinking that Skloon may be closer to the truth than anyone else. Definitely not a photograph frame or anything near that I've ever seen before.

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    I would not say "fake" before i know what it is.
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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    That might not be a bad idea. Gert big camera though!

    Yes stamping does look the same, do stamps change considerably when its just a stamp, like the pheon?

    They only cost a few pounds so, and I am not trying to deceive anybody else by them, thought they might be of interest and get some ideas, some people call it research!

    Although you would have thought I was trying to pass off a national treasure by how some are using the thread.

    I will measure and follow up the camera back plate idea.

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Quote by skloon View Post
    Actually look like film holders for a camera
    They do resemble these ones here. Actually, the majority of glass negative plate holders appear to be German made, is that coincidental? Better pic's all around the 'frames' are required though, and measurements too would be a mahoosive help.
    Attached Images Attached Images NSDAP stamped Photo frames? 
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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Yes, they certainly look similar, and I believe skloon has hit the nail on the head. Now its just idetifying the camera as my one is know where near as 'polished' as those pictured.

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