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NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

Article about: Whatever they are, they are not NSDAP frames.........

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    Default NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Got these at auction, never seen them before; NSDAP marked 'Photo' frames. One date stamp 1935, the other 1938. Very thick, and if you don't mind me saying, typical German - way over engineered for just a pic frame.
    NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

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    Circuit advertisement NSDAP stamped Photo frames?
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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Or stamped on to decieve to make 2000% on $1 apiece
    thrift store frames. I am not convinced.........


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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    No I don't think so, you could rebuild the Tirpitz with the amount of wood and metal involved.
    I presume you have never seen one then as being so snippy about it. This is the reverse of one.
    NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Well, frame may be a period piece but NSDAP stamp is modern. It is stamped with the same letters as German dogtags. I do not see any point to stamp a frame in that way.

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    I've seen Nazi Party property stamps on furniture, and specific Unit Stamps but have never seen a simple and lonely "NSDAP" stamping such as this. And although well-constructed indeed, as a collector I would consider this dubious...In my experience, it's just not the way these items would normally be marked...The Swiss are also known to overengineer in this manner...just my opinion of course, others may disagree...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Maybe the frame was stamped due to it being property of the NSDAP? To show ownership belonged to the party, like how school mark items which they own? I'd think that could be possible. However, I am by no means saying this is the case in the original post. I have never seen or heard of one so therefore can not comment on its authenticity. I just don't have a good feeling about these. Not for me. The fact the dates are so far apart makes me think something is off as well.

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Without rock solid provenance, these are just old frames. Anything like this manufactured for the NSDAP would definitelyly have been approved for manufacture and RZM marked with a manufacturer's code.


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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Post #3 is that of the Back side of one of these "photo frames"?? Would it be possible to see some views of the whole things-both sides, etc? It just seems rather odd, to see the heavy steel hinges, etc on a photo frame. Are you sure that that is what these actually Are? Or could they be something else altogether? For example, why would the backside end wood be curved like this? And, how were the photo frames supposed to have been displayed? Any signs of a way to hang them or an easel back rest, etc??

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    Actually look like film holders for a camera

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    Default Re: NSDAP stamped Photo frames?

    By the looks of the stamping, they had the exact same stamp used on both frames years apart

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