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Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

Article about: Wow terrific paintings...would love to own something like that one day..

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    I tend to agree with K to a point, the problem i have with this is the ageing to the rear, there is a fair bit of water and mould damage, as with all paintings this has an adverse effect on the front to some degree, there is none evident, the painting appears very fresh as if recently cleaned or newer than thought also as a general artists trait they would sign there work, especially as this is purporting to be a lifelike portrait of Goring, no artist would leave off his name if he wanted to be recognised , especially by the heirarchy of the Nazi Party or the subsequent owner(s), it would however be omitted if the artist did not want his name to be researched or found to be bogus, im afraid i remain on the fence with this , its a good painting by someone who has reasonable artistic skills, but from what time period i would not like to hazard a guess, but i doubt WW2 vintage, i hope im wrong as it would be a nice addition to a collection

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    I concur as well. Sadly I would have to agree that it is not vintage. I could list a dozen reasons why I believe this,but suffice it to say,it's not-IMO. William

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    SORRY, but this is an original painting!!!
    It was recently cleaned by Norways leaning Curator Walfried Brandt!!!!
    Experts have confirmed the originality, but there is no doubt in originality!!
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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Oksnevad, firstly it would help people to give opinions if you had posted all the facts, ie its been cleaned etc, secondly i dont know who told you that oil paintings are not affected by water or mould, its one of the main fears of most major art galleries , water and mould seep through to the front thereby raising the paint from the canvass which can eventually fall off, that is a fact, thirdly youve asked what would be the price on this item, surely the experts who have authenticated the painting for you would be in a better position to give informed valuations, plus the museum you intend to donate them to or perhaps sell to would issue an insurance valuation, im pleased that you are satisfied with the painting and thankyou for posting it

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Wow...believe what you want. Experts are never wrong,of course. But keep in mind,you asked a question for the value of an oil painting from a community of collectors of war relics-regardless of the paintings subject matter,hardly an appropriate forum to do so on. I would imagine there must be countless oil painting authorities and forums throughout the internet. Perhaps one of them can give you the answer you want to hear that you would accept. Good luck with your painting. William

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Regardless what other people here think, I think you may have a nice piece and Im sure a museum wouldnt take fakes.As for the value, I would say,judging by the Hitler painting on the TR sales forum, the guy is asking $4000 plus. I hope this helps.Thanks for sharing. Also, you are from Norway? My Grandfather gave me a family Heirloom from Norway. It is a Large Ale/Meade Mug carved from a single piece of birch root and has a heavy lid and handle with elaborate carvings.the lid has a lion with a crown(probably coat of arms? Maybe I can find a niche on WRF to post photos?) Thanks

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Quote by oksnevad_2 View Post
    Thanks for your comments guys..
    This painting is original!
    I whole heartedly agree that the painting is of the period.
    The stretcher bars are period. Quite different from the type used today. The patina of the bare wood tells me it is definitly 65 to 70 years old. The value of the item , while interesting, would not justify the acquisition of original parts, canvas, paints, talent and time for forgery.
    The back of the canvas appears to have had some water damage over the years but that can be cleaned. No real big deal just the type of ageing you would see on this type of art having been tucked away for 65+ years.
    In my opinion it is a good piece.

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Thanks "totenkopfDean" and "SteveR"

    I will post some photos of the matching Hitler painting when I go to pick it up...
    The Hitler painting had a small tear in the canvas (but in a insignificant place in the background) it is getting worked on by the curator

    Below is a photo taken of what was found in the attic at this old farm belonging to the high ranking Norwegian NS member..
    On top: A famous original print signed "Willy Exner"
    On the bottom: The two paintings (now mine)
    Photo taken by: Derek (a frind of mine and a ww2 collector as well as a ww2 dealer)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	P9250086.jpg 
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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Interesting pieces.
    I think the history on them is great.

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Thanks Steve!
    As i said, I will post some photos of the matching Hitler painting when I go to pick it up...

    Best regards from Norway!

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