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Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

Article about: Wow terrific paintings...would love to own something like that one day..

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Fantastic skill by this artist, but IMO that doesn't look very much like Hitler...

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    To paraphrase the great baldrick of black adder fame
    " most portraits are painted as a romantic ideal rather than an exact depiction of the idiosyncratic details of the actual person"

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Quote by Adrian View Post
    Just for the sake of discussion, is it possible this is an oil painting over an enlarged photograph as opposed to an 'original' work copied from a postcard?
    The picture below is of the actress Gene Tierney and was a prop used on the set of the 1944 film 'Laura' This is an oil painting over an enlarged image on the canvas. The technique obviously existed during the war and could've been used as an easier way to produce these paintings?
    I'm not making any assumption on the authenticity of the painting in question as I simply do not know, just an extra angle to consider.......

    I think the process you mention might be this.....

    The photo-oleograph process: A combination of painting and photography ... giving the various methods and formulas for making multiple coloured photo-positives ... landscape positives in oil or water colours. I believe this was technique was developed way back in the 1880's.

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    I have a copy of the postcard that you have posted the painting had to be made from that photo.The man who took the picture is Heinrich Hoffman,Hitler's personal photographer.He took thousands of photos of Hitler and made a fortune.

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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    To many beers. Been trying to delete the repeat thread.
    It was 80 degrees today and my son and I did in a case of beer on the back deck.
    I think I may have had 1 beer to many
    I do like the buzz though.
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    Default Re: Original painting of Herman Göring!!!

    Quote by AMTG View Post
    There is a painting of hitler by Curt Hasse from 1936 on klaus butschecks site and it is going at a little over 4000 pounds
    $4000 pounds sterling is 3900 more than it is worth. Not trying to be smug but I have never heard of Kurt Butscheck as a dealer of fine art.
    There is NO MARKET in the art world for Hitler or nazi related paintings and resale would be very slow at best. 99.9% of legitimte art galleries would tell you to go away in a very rude manner.
    Auction houses like Sothebys, Christies and other auction houses of that level of fine art sales would tell you that the paintings are not worth handling because of low value Buying and holding art like this would be for personal satisfaction only.
    I am not trying to be a smartass. I am a national award winning artist and a retired university art professor and have sold art, antiquities and artifacts through many top auction houses in the US.
    The technique used to create them is considered a craft rather than fine art.
    Hope this information helps you friend.

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    Read the thread and watched the romanticized youtube
    thing. Ever the skeptic, I'm not convinced at all that
    these are WWII era - or even close.

    For one thing, why would a noted artist paint portraits
    from photos instead of having the subjects sit for
    him ? It would be more fitting the other way
    around - that postcards or prints be made
    from original paintings.........


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