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Prices of hitler art?

Article about: Hi all. Ive been offered 2 paintings that were done by Adolf hitler. Hopefully I will get some get some good photos and post here in the next few days. Is their anyone in the forum that has

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    Yes, just the fact that is was painted by hitler, it wouldn't matter what the subject was, as you say, just the fact that it was painted by one of history's most infamous people. I'm sure there would always be a market for it, I suppose the gamble would be how much it would increase in value over time. I don't think it would go down in value so I suppose that is a good thing.

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    Hi dave.
    I dont think for that sort of money you will lose out $ wise.
    I,m a collector and I buy things to keep that I enjoy and has history behind it.
    I know they god ugly paintings !
    You can 2 buy 2 painting by AH for 6k or you can by a tidy chained ss officers dagger for the same money.
    Putting things like that for me I would take the paintings anytime.
    Biggest thing is getting a inderpendant person to look at them and get their thoughts on them.
    Rgds Pete.

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    Billy Price's book has some very questionable paintings in it as well, if I recall right. 6 Grand for 2 Hitler originals is a give away price. Despite the politically correctness of eternally saying that Hitler was a lousy artist, the short of it was, he actually wasn't. Some of his architecture and cityscape paintings are Very well done. Hitler was basically living from hand to mouth at the time and was selling postcard size paintings for almost Nothing-just to survive. He was cranking them out as fast as he could and was, quite frankly, caring little about artistic style or effort. But, when he had time and opportunity-not to mention actual decent materials, which he usually could not afford-he could and did turn out some quite fine images. His use of colours and angles are quite often very effective.

    Having said that, however, the 2 images shown in question look to be also of questionable authenticity, and I would seriously debate with myself to put out that kind of money on them. Unless they have bulletproof provenances for both of them, I, personally, would not consider them. Remember also, that the name "Hitler" was not a rare name and even with the "A" in front of it, there has been talks before that there could easily have been more than one street artist with such a name. Some of the paintings in Price's book, for example, seem to bear little to no resemblance to known Hitler works. The silly looking flower paintings are but one such example. When you compare them to the Aquarrelle books published during the Third Reich by Heinrich Hoffman,for example, the quality between these works and the others in question is striking.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hi Wagriff.
    Yes you are dead right about the provenance.
    Once I get all the info from the current owner I,ll post it here for you to look at.
    I have no idea what came with the pictures in the last auction in the regards to paperwork etc.
    I,m not worried about the paintings been ugly.....thats the whole point behind him failing as a artist!
    More ugly the better I say.
    What I would like to do is get a 3rd party in The UK to have a look at them before I decide what to do.
    If anyone has any art contacts in the uk please drop me aline.
    I wouldnt consider buying this type of art without a professional giving it a hands on inspection.
    Rgds pete

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    For everyone saying Hitler was a lousy artist I can surely say that he was a helluva lot better than me!

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    Wag, it wasn't the fact hilter couldn't afford his instruments which caused him to fail , yet the fact he could not portray the human face correctly to my knowledge. This is why he was rejected from art school multiple times. However, he was considered talented at architecture and land/cityscape. I personal feel all the work I've viewed from hitler is horrible, but that's just my opinion. I guess it comes down to art is subjective to each individual.

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    For everyone saying Hitler was a lousy artist I can surely say that he was a helluva lot better than me!
    Hard to believe that
    During the TR, there was a 8yr old boy named Samuel Bak who produced better art than Hitler. More than likely he survived the holocaust due to this; he was Jewish. He still alive today, look some of his work up, it is amazing if you have an eye for true art.

    Add: By the way, Samuel art goes for tens of thousand, while Hitlers work sales for around two to five thousand. Proof enough

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    I agree with Glenn, hitlers paintings look pretty good to me, certainly way better than anything I could do. He was still a bastard but his paintings look alright to me.

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    Quote by sandgroper View Post
    I agree with Glenn, hitlers paintings look pretty good to me, certainly way better than anything I could do. He was still a bastard but his paintings look alright to me.
    Art is in the eye of the beholder. I personal feel for what hitler was trying to achieve in the art community, he failed miserably. Other may consider his artwork masterpieces. But from the work i've viewed of hitler, he just lacked the detail to make his art consider "good" for lack of a better term. I feel this is apparent just from the fact he was rejected from art school on several occasions.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    well i get what Kiwipete is doing. i'm kind of intrigued by it now, actually.

    for me, it's hard to look at the stuff and not laugh because of what i personal perceive of as the premium put on it not for what it is but for who did it. but i have been collecting and looking at art for a long time. the house is full of paintings. i have dutch old master portraits by students of Rembrandt, Picasso drawings (not paintings) and everything up to modern abstracts i don't think i like myself. i guess i have a personal taste and a response to art that i look at. doesn't mean i'm right about Hitler. but i think if i went out and bought 10 watercolors from the period or spread among various periods and hung these with the identities of the artists concealed and you got to pick one to take home for free... i think if you did not know who the artists were... i think that Hitler would be on the wall an awful long time. i think you yourselves would prefer the rest. that is, again, if you had no idea which one was the Hitler.

    Hitler's art does sell and it generates a lot of talk. but to me, this little experiment would prove what i already know: that Hitler was an artist and he was something else. He was far greater at the latter than the former and the former sells because of the latter and not on its own right.

    I look at a lot of art, as I said, and I can promise you that without the Hitler name on these watercolors, they are worth about $100 each.

    but the idea of the historical value and interest even outside of how i accept it as being worth the price for the quality of the work itself has validity and i think Kiwipete knows that and that's where he's coming from. i get it.

    and from that perspective i probably could own one myself.

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