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Prices of hitler art?

Article about: Hi all. Ive been offered 2 paintings that were done by Adolf hitler. Hopefully I will get some get some good photos and post here in the next few days. Is their anyone in the forum that has

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    the question of originality... i couldn't begin to tell you.

    except that Wagriff says something important here: if the work is listed in a contemporary list or catalog in some way this is a very good help. if, for example, you were to acquire one that was published at the time as he specifically mentions, you'd have some very good indication as to authenticity.

    Wagriff also makes a point on style here which is also important. the subject matter and style of these two paintings is an issue.

    if they are Hitler works they are worth what you are paying on the market (whether i like them or not). the hammer price is all that matters. but if they are not Hitler works, they are garage sale material.

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    The price seems quite low for a Hitler watercolor. I would certainly proceed with caution unless they have a respectable COA.


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    you should contact the auction house. this thing was auctioned. so my guess is there is no provenance which is very helpful or COA that carries weight.
    that's reflected in the hammer price. probably they were sold without this stuff and went for what the market would bear. but you will find out if you call them. they sold recently.

    if they were of solid provenance and attribution, they'd have gone for much higher.

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    The style of both paintings does not look like Hitler's work. I am not an art appraiser but have seen a few of his pieces that were far better than the two posted. As they were recently sold, one must wonder if the seller is really in need of cash or has discovered the fact that these are not authentic. Depending on size and subject matter, the Hitler paintings I have seen have sold in excess of $20,000. Hitler's paintings were used to sell picture frames. Unless changed, the frames do not resemble known original examples.


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    art appraiser or not, your comments are right on.

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    it's possible buyer takes risk and buys purported "hitler" work. buyer takes possesion and subsequently receives authoritative opinion that works are mis-attributed or faked. buyer develops "emergency" and offloads art.

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    a few pics
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Prices of hitler art?   Prices of hitler art?  

    Attached Images Attached Images Prices of hitler art? Prices of hitler art? 

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    Very poor quality frames. I would not touch these with a ten foot pole. Here is an example of a genuine Hitler watercolor of the Hofbrauhaus in Munchen. This is the type of frame originals are found in. I find no similarity in the work of this original and the two being discussed on this thread. Hitler's watercolors are usually of buildings such as this one, which has a strong connection to the early Nazi Party. Note the framer's label on the reverse. Hitler purchased this watercolor back and gave it as a gift to his close party comerade Emil Maurice.Prices of hitler art?Prices of hitler art?Prices of hitler art?Prices of hitler art?Prices of hitler art?


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    .....its starting to look like a turkey.
    Ive also sent pictures to someone else to get their thoughts on the pictures.
    Ive allways been interested in hitlers art but at the end of the day if it hasnt got a paper trail its not worth much.
    The current owner told me that the previous owner has paper work to go with it......that he cant find.
    Story goes that the lady who owned the paintings orginally was interviewed by a american service agent (war crimes
    She gave him the paintings as a gift.
    The owner who owned these paintings has the paperwork but can,t find it.
    I know the object not the story.
    So i,m guessing these paintings are worth nothing.
    Rgds Pete

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    IMO, the fame doesn't bother me. The first rule of authenticating art is never to judge it by its frame. However, this does not mean I believe these items to be original works of Hitlers. It is most defiantly different then what his "normal" work was. One thing I do like about it is the fact the human face is portrayed from the side. This is what I feel someone would do who is trying to cover the fact he is unable to master the human face. Also, IMO there would be work out there which is not what we are use to seeing from Hilter. As a amateur art student, you would think he would attempt to do many different styles of art.

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