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Prices of hitler art?

Article about: Hi all. Ive been offered 2 paintings that were done by Adolf hitler. Hopefully I will get some get some good photos and post here in the next few days. Is their anyone in the forum that has

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    Default Prices of hitler art?

    Hi all.
    Ive been offered 2 paintings that were done by Adolf hitler.
    Hopefully I will get some get some good photos and post here in the next few days.
    Is their anyone in the forum that has any thoughts on the price on such objects and what your thoughts are on thm been faked.
    Ive been offered both for about 6k us dollars.
    They were sold about a year ago at auction to a dealer who onsold them.
    The current owner needs some cash asap.
    One picture is called...A coastal scene.
    The second picture is called.....The apprentice model
    I think each of them are about 9.2inch 6.5inch.
    If someone could put a link through about the pictures onto this thread I would be grateful.
    I can,t do it on my ipad.
    Hopefully I will have some pics in a day or two for you opinions on the paintings.
    Thanks Peter.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    G'day Pete, I have no idea about the price of something like that but I am sure there would be many fakes about. I'm pretty sure I've seen some alleged hitler paintings on snyders site and that doesn't give me a great deal of confidence. They would most certainly fetch a good price if original, it is how to have them authenticated that would be the problem. Good luck mate.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    The painting you call "The Apprentice Model" sold as "Der Lehrling Muster" went for about 1600 GBP. That's about US $2500. So there's your value.

    The other was sold at the same auction but I don't know what the hammer price was. The article I'm looking at is very unclear. It is possible they mean that both went for $2500 but, considering the price at which they are being offered to you for, it was probably they went for about $2500 each. At least you would hope that is the case otherwise someone is doubling their money here.

    You should contact Barnes Thomas County Auctioneers in Penzance, Cornwall. They handled them. Google them. They have a website.

    Either way, it's not a great deal.

    As Hitler's paintings go, they are pretty bad.

    Here they are:

    Prices of hitler art?Prices of hitler art?

    The coastal scene is 5" by 7.5"

    The apprentice one is 9.5" by 6.5"

    I have no idea whether they are authentic or not, just that they recently sold at auction and at the price for the one that I gave. They are really very ugly paintings... far worse than his usual which is bad anyway, so for the money... I don't know...

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    Not as pricey as I would have thought, I expected them to be more expensive. I read somewhere that hitler didn't paint many human figures, mostly architecture and landscapes so it might be quite collectable.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    i guess you're paying for the infamy of the "artist".

    i buy paintings so i've got this appreciation for art i suppose. but it would be really difficult for me to buy one of Hitler's works. he never made it as an artist because he just couldn't paint worth a damn. they're just BAD.

    but i understand... as an historical interest perhaps?

    here's an oil painting that's a little bigger for $1500. you get the painting and $4500 in walking around money when you're done:

    Prices of hitler art?

    i only post this to show how, from the perspective of the actual art, the stuff is horrible. it's a lot of money for what it is.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    I'm not into art, for me it would just something to put away and drag out in 20 years time and sell it to buy my daughter a car or something like that.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    from the investment perspective? yeah... that might work. it might work pretty well actually because you're paying for the man not the art and that's probably a pretty stable thing.

    i don't know much about how his works have moved in price over time.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    Thankyou so much Templehof for putting the link in for me.
    The 6k figure is for both paintings.
    The auction figure didn,t include the auction houses 20% fee which was added on top.
    Yes photos are ugly but...... Lol
    Hi dave yes you are right from what I understand his human figures were out of size etc.
    As for Snyders site.....that guy has a bad baddddd reputation for fakes.
    I think some of his paintings are real and some arent.
    Some of snyders are real as they are in Billy Prices book on AH art work.
    Ive allways been interested in hitlers art.
    I know these are rubbish works but its all history at the end of the day.

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    i'm way too tired to be typing up posts right now. haha i better retire for the night before i start talking nonsense!

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    Default Re: Prices of hitler art?

    Don't do it, Kiwipete!!!!!


    good night gentlemen!

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