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Recovered Uboat Plates

Article about: Gents, Tomorrow I'm going to look at some recovered artifacts from a UBoat that was sunk off the U.S. coast during the war. The relics were recovered long ago by a scuba diver who is now 80

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    To be fair, the OP did not say that the plates and scope were on the website that he has, but only that he was going to Look at them as they were being Offered to him by a retired diver. He said that he would be Taking some photos with the camera he was going to bring with. Unfortunately, as to his questions of what kind of values they might have, I would be extremely reluctant to offer any guesstimate before we can see the coming photos.

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    Guys, I think the website in Tokashikibob's first post is his own personal one, and not necessarily related to the U-boat relics in question.

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    Wow... that website gave me a headache in the 3 minutes I tried to find any of these pictures....

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    lol I can picture Matt after 3 minutes.. "The colors! The colors!"....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Quote by Erno View Post
    Guys, I think the website in Tokashikibob's first post is his own personal one, and not necessarily related to the U-boat relics in question.
    That is correct. This was confirmed when I asked the same question in a previous thread and Bob replied in the affirmative.
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    Bob it might be better if you put the link to your website in the signature area of your profile, it'll save a bit of confusion!...
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    I know Wittman had a bronze eagle recovered from a sunken E-boat for sale for 6thousand. If it helps in any way.

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    I had a nice visit with the diver and his wife. As a diver myself I related to his adventures and wished I dove during his heyday for artifacts up and down the coast. It was one of those deals where I was not sure what to offer as he would entertain selling them for the right price... (which is what?).

    Another fellow bought some other larger shipwreck items a few days ago where they are going to wind up in a dive shop in city 50 miles away. He has items from 4 military wrecks sunk by uboats and the uboat relics.

    He had 2 plates, a pewter tray marked with a small eagle and swastika, 2 pewter cups, a boatswain whistle with the sailor's name on it and the outer part of the periscope with lens about 4 feet of it which he sawed off the boat. He was the first diver inside the boat off the N.C. coast which I'm familiar with the history of but have not dove myself. He had a picture of himself in nat. geo on another wreck but none on the Uboat. The possibility of getting some photos from other divers or their families may be possible with the internet/facebook but who knows for sure.

    Anyway, I did not offer due to the lack of pictures and knowing how fickle german collectors are on provenance of relics.
    Best regards,
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    Quote by tokashikibob View Post
    Now that is a big dinner plate!

    Bob, it's generally recommended that members here upload the photos directly to the post, rather than posting them through an external hosting website, in order to prevent their future disappearance.

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    Wow - that's a huge saucer!!!
    Hate to see the size of the fork n' spoon
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