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Reichskanzlei items

Article about: I have these two items that I bought some time ago. I was first offered them 25 years ago for 500 and told they were Red Cross.... hence the RK either side of the eagle. I eventually decide

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    If anybody on the forum happens to own a piece of RK silverware...that would be great obviously! Fingers crossed somebody will answer the call...



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    Does anyone have any images from within the RK in a book, magazine etc? If these items could be placed in a period photo it would help.......

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    Jersey 34,The two items you have were in "HERMANNS HISTORIA" Auction#51 lot# 3040 and they have the correct Wellner monogram under the one piece 150cL 35 in a circle and they are from The New Reichkanzlei,Berlin.Some are marked as previously stated and 150cl 16 in a circle,etc.The complete set sold for 11,000 Euros whatever the euro was worth in Oct.2006.You have of course noted several members negative response to the mention on ole Charlie Synder with good reason!! He would sell you Hitlers toilet seat with provence and is of dubious shall we say character.I hope the moderators are not unhappy with that statement,its meant to warn you.Carl ps.CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO.Also this catalog in no way means they are 100% right pieces,just see if you can go on the site and look up the auction forementioned.

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    Quote by carltiger View Post
    I always thought that the AH should be present on Hitler's silverware and if not, and indeed the RK is correct
    Yes, Carl, RK is correct for Silverware of the Neue Reichskanzlei. Also AH is correct for private table silver of Adolf H. Just type on the G****gle the following - tafelsilber neue reichskanzlei - and then klick on Pictures. Or go to that link and you'll find some photos there.

    tafelsilber neue reichskanzlei - Google-Suche


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    Hi goodbuys,
    The 2 items I have have been here in Jersey, Channel Islands since almost the end of the war when Major Hugh's brought them to the island with him along with all the other items he picked up in the Reichskanzlei. The items at Hermann's are not the item's I have.

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    Jersey 34,I should have stated they are like your items but not i assumed the Herrmanns auction pieces.Still you had two very rare items.I own two pieces ofSILVER {Plate] from the Deutcher HOF Where Hitler stayed and they are in the C.S. [SYNDER] Treasure Trove book and the book is worth every penny even though ole Charlie sells it.I got mine off e-bay and its a real great book.Carl

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    Gary,Thanks for the replyand i felt the jersey 34 member could use the info.Carl

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    Thanks, Carl!


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    So-there are Other pieces available out there from the RK that are Not in or have been in Hermanns auctions? That is actually good news. It was beginning to look like there was just one batch of pieces that exist and had the same markings-which, of course, could have easily meant that they were all one lot made my one person. But if the Jersey items were not and never Have been in Hermann's or...Charlie's possession, they have a Much higher probability to being straight pieces. The Engraving is still incredibly lackluster and poorly done in appearance considering where it was intended to go, but,who knows? Maybe they ordered the engraving done by a less than top shelf engraver? I do know, that in the light of this new bit, that I am inclined to agree with Damien that the 2 Wellner pieces are, indeed, quite good. William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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