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SS chair????

Article about: I have seen these for sale. 4 chairs marked SS, and what is sold as a HJ made bench. The bench certainly looks 'old' enough, but I am not sure about the chairs. Any thoughts please?

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    How bizarre...The chair looks like something you'd find at a Biker-Clubhouse...I'd give the bench a closer look...Voelkisch-Period Furniture, lol...!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Circuit advertisement SS chair????
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    I agree that these are older pieces of furniture that can easily be altered. Anything officially made would have been produced under a license from the Reichszugmeisterei and would have official RZM markings. if unofficial, there would be no need to mark the chairs "SS." Interesting furniture but not something to buy in to as being official SS items.


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    Agree with Bob also the leather on the chair looks to new, 60+ years would have taken its toll and the leather would show more age -

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    I guess it depends on price and if you have knowledge on period Third Reich era furniture and the wear and tear period furniture would accumulate over 70+ years. If they are being sold as refurnished "original" pieces I'd stay away unless they are dirt cheap and you could flip them yourself to another collector(as fantasy items only of course)and use the profit to buy something else for your collection.

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    The chair looks like it trying to impersonate one of the chairs made for Wewelsburg Castle's Great Hall, which have the SS-Runes embossed on the leather backrest, which is attached in a similar way to the chair shown here. However, it is only a very rough copy compared to the detail and excellent quality of the original. I'm looking at the pictures in the Ulric of England book Meine Ehre heißt Treue: Inside the Allgemeine SS (p. 53). I've included a couple of pics from the 'net below. From the same search, I noted that reproduction chairs have been available to buy, although I'd imagine that they would be better than the one shown above.

    The bench looks horrible.

    Regards, Philip

    SS chair????

    SS chair????
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    Really?! A floral design

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    Quote by Anzel View Post
    Really?! A floral design
    I don't see why not, such motif styled furniture were quite popular during the era....

    SS chair????SS chair????

    Though I highly doubt these items are authentic, I really haven't a clue, the wear on the leather doesn't bother me. How many times have we seen a authentic liner in a helmet look no more than a day old? If stored correctly, it too could look brand-new in my opinion.

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