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"SS chalice", the III Reich "Holy Grail" or another fantasy item??

Article about: Hello everybody! A good friend of mine recently purchased from another collector in the US, some good items including a genuine early SS Kreb sword, some daggers and badges, all top quality!

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    Hi William, again many thanks! This is at least a very unusual request, I agree! I will speak with my friend to dissuade him from the trip. I hope he will listen to me... If however the chalice is real, it was a great acquisition, but I believe it was my friend who would be taking unnecessary risks and not the US collector.

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    Circuit advertisement "SS chalice", the III Reich "Holy Grail" or another fantasy item??
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    Ok Glenn, also the tomb of Tutankhamun was an absurdity before to have been found by Howard Carter, I don't believe that such a simple question can bore people here in the forum, simply that you do not want to waste time, do not read that !!!

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    Here's some ancient wisdom for you: "A fool and his money are soon parted"...
    Good luck.

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    Nothing to do with me Glenn, just trying to help a friend, and most of the advices of the Forum members were reasonable and POLITE, so I believe that my friend should listen to them!

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    He shouldn't go alone in any case - someone with a voice of reason should also be there to make sure your friend doesn't get sucked into the vortex.
    Else his eyes may glaze over and be heard to mutter "oooh, a real treasure it is ... my precious! ..... nasty little 'obbits tried to steal it from me's"
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Hi Danmark, many thanks for your comment! you are absolutely right, but as much as I know he was planning to go with his brother, nevertheless they better not go there, it should be a risk...

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    Even if he goes and there actually is a chalice, without other examples known to compare it to, you have to rely on quality and experience, and even then could be fooled. A deal like this that is done correctly, would require many good pictures including closeups of details and any maker marks, verifiable testimony, patience on the part of you and the seller, and experts to verify and make a decision on if it's authentic. And, even then, the experts might disagree.

    If your friend is an adventurous collector with wads of cash, it may be a fun adventure if nothing else. Otherwise, I have yet to see something like this pan out even one single time in my entire 35 years on this earth. I personally wouldn't spend my money and efforts on a drawing of something that might exist, and might be the only of its kind where I would have to take for granted it is what it claims to be. Just my novice two cents. Good luck with whatever you all decide, and keep us posted so we can share in the story that unfolds!

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    Hi Avenger,

    Many thanks for your nice comment and good advice! My friend has some money and he enjoys adventure but I got suspicious about this offer. If it depends on me, I hope to convince him not to go. The issue of photographs is really weird,- unless the man fears that other people know that he own such a valuable piece (if it's real), one never knows... But I absolutely agree with you and would not spend my money if I was not absolutely sure that it was an indisputably authentic item.

    If he decide to go, I keep you posted, surelly!

    Again many thanks and all the best!

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    Thanks for the post. As Spock would say..."Captain, here is to your friend taking a logical and skeptical approach. Beam us up some photos of the chalice so we can analyze that puppy! In keeping us laughing a little I thought a photo of my authentic SS helmet I loaned to Leonard Nimoy for an episode of Star Trek might be appropriate.

    Joking aside...I know the folks here are speaking from the heart and from great experience when they are looking out for your buddy who we don't even know.
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    Well You heard it from Obersturmfurher Spock. It must be true!!!!!
    Semper Fi

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