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SS Cups, newbie question

Article about: Hello everybody. I have been lurking here for sometime and decided to join, thakyou for having me. My main interests are Nazi Germany, SS as well as general militaria. I also love guns. My c

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    Default SS Cups, newbie question

    Hello everybody.

    I have been lurking here for sometime and decided to join, thakyou for having me.

    My main interests are Nazi Germany, SS as well as general militaria. I also love guns. My current collection is small, a few coins and stamps; this is because they are items that are well known and not too hard to verify, my knowlege has a logn way to go.

    This is a link to some "SS shot cups" on ebay. I am posting it here as I have concerns over the legitimacy of these items for several reasons. Wwii German Elite Forces Shot Cups | eBay

    Would I be correct in saying that these are; 1) the wrong skull type and 2) probably repro skulls stuck on old/semi old steel cups?

    My reason for sharing this is I am trying to flex me discretional muscle, to learn to figure out what is genuine and not. I am currently planning on getting more books on collection specifically.

    many thanks


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    Hi Theozzman, welcome to the forum. The items you posted a link to are, as you suspect, total c**p. Ebay is saturated with this kind of modern junk, and is not the place to buy genuine Third Reich Items. SS items inparticular are a colossal minefield utterly saturated with fake items, genuine items are rare and valuable and you will need to study the subject, look at reputable dealers and be prepared to part with lots of money if you want good SS items. These are 'Fourth Reich' or fantasy items, meaning that the design originates after the war, and are of very poor quality.

    I am attaching a picture as the link will become useless in time.

    I wish you all the best with your collection.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture SS Cups, newbie question  

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    Thankyou Doug.

    Yes, I am beggining to learn fakes are everywhere on ebay!

    Kind regards, Ozz

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    Welcome to the forum,

    You can be confident that those items are fakes, in common with 99.9 per cent of 'elite' items listed on ebay. In short, I would say that looking for authentic SS items on ebay is a waste of time and money. Much better to forget the possibility of 'bargains' and be ready to pay a fair market price for a genuine item from a reputable dealer. However, always post pictures on here before closing the deal as even honest and knowledgeable dealers make mistakes.

    There is a good thread on this forum about 'shot glasses', which were often hand made in the field by soldiers from spent shell cases and are normally ground dug relics. They are also easily faked but that it another topic in itself. See German Shotglasses...and lots Of them!)

    Regards, Philip

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    About 99.9 % of all alleged "SS trench art pieces" or "customized personal items of SS men" such as cigarette cases, pocket watches, hip flasks, shot glasses etc. with engravings and/or soldered-on badges that you can find on online auctions are bad.

    Some are actual (non-SS related) period items ruined by fakers; some are complete post-war fabrications.

    They should always be treated with the greatest scepticism.

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    Welcome! Stay here on the forum and the guys here are very willing to share their knowledge and answer your questions.

    I'm confident enough to say what Philip said, stay away from Ebay if you want to learn about SS items, Ebay dont have any.

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    In France, we have a Specialist !
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    From China ??
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Welcome to the Forum , you might want to look in the classified section for real items . The items there get some Vetting from the membership here .

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    Welcome to the Forum. I see these pieces of junk received an appropriate number of bids-ZERO! As you are knew at this, always check here before parting with money. Do not expect to ever find a bargain with regards to SS material. Ebay is the last place to find genuine material these days. It is home to many peddlers of fakes.


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