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Ss gate sheild

Article about: Sheet metal sign. About 2 1/2' wide by 2' tall. Similar to the one shown in 'Nazi Regalia' and 'Nazi Regalia'. Runes sawn, LAH hammered out.

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    Brian , a very nice item , i would love it even if not original , i hope you can fine some way of knowing for sure , cheers Raymond

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    Ahhh the Ballantine books. That's what started it for me. I too have seen a picture of one of these shields in use. Can't remember where either. The LAH does seem odd to me. As for the all iron being different....check that one out. The instruments for airplanes after the war contained a radio active material that was used for it's glow in the dark properties. Many warehouses in my area have such gauges and the government has ordered all such material removed in case a terrorist decides to scrape off all the material and make a nasty bomb. So, I don't really think that the use of the Bomb caused all minerals under the ground to change molecular strucure.

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    I think you are refering to radium, the radioactive glow in the dark substance. That was used in the 30s-50s.

    Oh, those poor radium dial painters, putting their brushes into their mouths for form them, and ingesting some of the radium, which went right to their bones to destroy bone marrow.

    It looks like a number of possible steps were required to produce this (wartime/postwar?). How might one produce such a piece?

    -starting with a flat piece of sheet steel and using a template, trace the outer design onto the steel.

    -place the metal piece into a roller to produce a slightly convex bend

    -cut out the outer design using tin shears/snips

    -roll the individual 'tongues' to produce a scroll-like effect

    -trace and cutout runes using a saw

    -later, trace/hammerout the LAH

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    Reproductions of this style of barrack's crest are currently available on line for $149-230 depending on the source. The design is probably based on an original or photo.

    The LAH is an interesting enhancement.

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    hi found this dont know how it compares to yours?
    Attached Images Attached Images Ss gate sheild 

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    It looks like a copy of the shield in the Ballantine books; 6 rolls instead of 4.

    Even with the poor lighting, I can see that the workmanship just isin't there.

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    I also noticed that the entire shield appears to have a flat face, not curved, and that the ends of the tongues appear squared, not rounded.

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