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SS Obersalzberg Cantine Beer Mat

Article about: I came across this beer mat when purchasing a copy of Mein Kampf and wondered if anyone else has come across one before? My research suggests the obvious - that it is from the SS Cantine in

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    Somehow, I imagine that the response to the comments would have been radically Different if everyone had immediately raved and gushed over a rare and horrendously valuable article....But, since the reactions were that it is an obvious fake made for duping naive collectors, then "the search goes on for some one who Knows"...

    Now, you've been told in no uncertain terms, that the SS organization would Not have allowed the usage of the SS Runes for a mundane and demeaning purpose such as soaking up spilled beer foam. If you doubt this, it is a simple matter to look up. Making SS Runes Beer Coasters would be akin to putting out Kleenex tissues with SS Runes printed on them to blow your nose into. But, believe what you will and good luck on your hunt for "Someone who Knows"... aka "Someone who will tell you it's real and horribly rare and valuable"

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Swords and rings, yes. Match boxes, yes. Beer mats, possible considering they made match boxes.

    As I mentioned earlier I am not making a stance that this beer mat is genuine but it looks very aged (not overly visible in the pictures) and I would like to look into it some more before dismissing it as others do just on the assumption rather than the evidence.

    After some discussion with someone who authenticates autographs it seems that putting an age on a paper item is quite easy as paper in those days was not completely acid free and had a tendency to eat itself. Unfortunately he does not do these tests himself but I will approach a University for some help on this along with contacting the Hofbrauhaus to see if they have any records of these being produced.

    Swords and rings - easy to tell the fakes from the genuine however an item such as a beer mat takes some more looking into...unless you are happy to make an assumption that they were never made during the period of the war.

    I'm not a fan of ping pong messaging in forums when it's not going anywhere so I will sign off and post a message here again when I have some results to conclude as to whether this was produced during the war or is just idiotic cheap post war garbage (which it could well be)

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    Hitler blew his nose into a eagle and swastika AH embroidered handkerchief, so the Kleenex tissues with SS runes seems quite feasible, well done!

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    Quote by BullandHaynes View Post
    I can't help to think that if someone was going to the trouble of producing fake SS beer mats that they would think of something more grand the the idea that they are from a cantine.
    Judging by this comment, I can't help but think that you've probably accumulated a fair few fakes in the past twenty years, especially when it comes to anything SS-related.

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    Quote by Erno View Post
    Judging by this comment, I can't help but think that you've probably accumulated a fair few fakes in the past twenty years, especially when it comes to anything SS-related.
    Thanks for your intellectual input on the subject..

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    SS Obersalzberg Cantine Beer MatBy the same token, this item can be filled with beer, and used as a tankard of a kind. Prosit!
    damit, basta.

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    Gents, let us keep this about the item in question...and leave all else to one side.

    Thank you.
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    Quote by BullandHaynes View Post
    Thanks for your intellectual input on the subject..
    Along the same lines as your beer coaster is this well-known fantasy token, produced in England:

    More help on some SS items

    The fact is, no matter how obscure and ridiculous the item seems, if it bears the SS runes, it has either been faked at some point or is a complete fabrication with no relation to reality. It doesn't take much time at all to discern that.

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    Quote by CARL88 View Post
    Gents, let us keep this about the item in question...and leave all else to one side.

    Thank you.
    Oh well. The item in question is absurd and no one seriously can think such an item to be original.

    Why do I say this, you then ask, wiping the whatever from your chin?

    In the Schwarzes Korps, in particular, were a series of articles lambasting the commercialized Kitsch associated with Hitler, the swastika, and other symbols of the party.

    The RZM circulars included endless fuss about those who abused the symbols of the NSDAP in tasteless and commercial way.

    and, finally, as some of you noted, Himmler cultivated an anti booze ethos in the SS, with his preference for mineral water and fruit juice manufacture as part of the SS economic enterprises, i.e. Appolinaris and Mattoni, being two notable examples. The prohibitionist attitude was shared by the most supreme one over the SS, itself, Schickelgruber.
    damit, basta.

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    I will move this thread to the Third Reich Art and Exotica..the content of the topic has nothing to do with uniforms nor accessories. Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

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