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SS reich Original Olympia mess hall Fork..... original or not?

Article about: hi everyone! just purchased this fork and i have a knife as well. Ive seen them online for sale on other websites so i thought it would be genuine but just to be sure im posting this. any in

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    Collect the whole set... G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Circuit advertisement SS reich Original Olympia mess hall Fork..... original or not?
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    Quote by Gwar View Post
    Collect the whole set... G
    sometimes (or always) what most shines and greatness vomits is not what has more value.

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    Yes ive learned that SS cutlery was never engraved..
    Just stamped into the metal. Plus there were only 5 or so makers of SS cutlery

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    Quote by waffenman View Post
    nevermind...found another guy thats been collecting SS tableware for 15 years. its original!
    maybe not the best expert to consult now?

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    Not sure what your saying? The expert i talked too
    Knows his stuff! Or do you know better?

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    I know that I don't feel good about how thin the runes look. These "SS Reich" flatware pieces are highly controversial. I would feel better with the green glazed ceramic pieces. The flatware always gathers a storm of doubt. I, personally, don't remember ever seeing any of these before the early 1970's.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    thanks for you input! but ive seen SS reich items stamped into lets say RONEUSIL made cutlery....with the exact stamping ( SS reich stamp on the base of the fork or spoon) into the metal and its all over the world? if it were a fake....would the stamping be a little off? maybe with the font? or positioning of the stamp on the fork or spoon etc etc?
    heres an example
    SS-REICH forks in box - Militaria Forums

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    I do not care for these items. The engraving makes no sense just saying "Reich." I agree with Wagriff that these are a more recent phenomena. I also do not place a lot of creedance in opinions from other forums where the collector knowledge and experience is not what we have here.


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    Hi bob,
    So what about this forum talk about a SS reich
    Fork? Its the exact SS reich fork as the one i posted that was on the other website. Exact same font to a T!
    And its on this website! With guys from this forum! But i guess the guys on this website dont have the experience eh bob?
    Heres the post
    Offerd this SS fork

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    Consider...if a Single faker went about and rounded up, say, several hundred older period pieces of flatware-which would be no problem at all, buying up maybe a case or 2 of new old stock inventory flatware- and stamped them all with his stamp, of course, they would all be the same. And, after steadily selling them off to various dealers and collectors, in just a few years time, they would, quite naturally, be found throughout the collecting world.

    If I could ever see a period brochure advertisement or sales book with such for Sale, I would change my mind to believe in them, but after a half a century of collecting and considering some of the enormous archives that other collectors have gathered together from the countless firms and manufacturers in TR era Germany, I have yet to read one, and so I will have to remain in the negative side of the fence until then. Probably not what you wanted to hear, but without even the slightest bit of proof that these pieces existed in the era, what else can be expected?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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