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SS watch

Article about: My only interest in the watch,apart from it being my fathers,is I would like to give it back to the family it belongs to, there is a short story that goes with the watch but I really dont wa

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    Errolbil: I don't understand the secrecy surrounding this watch as indicated when you wrote, "...I can give the number from inside the watch but am reluctant to do so..." and :...there is a short story that goes with the watch but I really dont want to tell it online..." My question to both statements is; why? If you really came here for help, then you need to lay out everything you have that will make help possible. As several members have said, this Forum is exceptional in the amount, level, and breadth of expertise available. And the corollary to that is that they can spot fraud a mile away. Both capabilities are in your best interests. Dwight

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    Can you please explain why you started this thread? Many have tried to assist you with little to go on. At least post pictures of the watch so you can obtain further information as to what you have. If not, all of this has been an exercise in accomplishing nothing.


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    Sadly, these kind of threads follow a generic pattern; tall tales of an item, impressive background but no documentation or pics. Im not saying, that the OP cant yet redeem himself (hi-res macros), but its hard not to adapt a cynical approach to this.....

    I predict, that we wont see anything of substance in regards to proper pics/proper provenance.

    When I look at this thread, I cant help but think of what others have mentioned - and in the immortal words of Nancy Kerrigan - why!?

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    A watch that has an "SS number Hidden" inside it?? First of all, Why on Earth would an SS Officer Hide his number rather than simply have it engraved on his watch case, if he wanted it engraved? Being an SS Officer at the time was not a shameful and embarrassing thing. And, why, despite all the obviously curious questions that people have asked, there is Still no photos of this piece? And the disclaimer that even if the photos Were posted, that we still cannot see the "hidden SS number"? And, as has already been amply pointed out-how did the "Jewish Jeweler" Know that this secreted number was an SS Officer's number?? (Just out of professional curiosity....does an SS Officer's number look Different from an SS Sargent's number? And just Why is this watch having been supposedly owned by an SS Officer assumed to make it valuable and rare? How do you Think SS Officers told time? With sextants and sun dials?)
    This entire scenario is rubbish and thank you So much for wasting everyone's time here with this ridiculous fairy tale.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    First thing is, I am not very computer savvy, I have tried to upload photo but did not manage ,obviously, second, I am not in any way interested in the value of the watch(if any) I would just like to return it to the family of the man who owned it,third, I am not going to put the photo of the insignia or the number online , I have put the number to Schutzstaffel numbers-service to see if they can give me any information about the person,whether you believe me or not is no skin off my nose,I will post photos as soon as my son visits .

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    SS watch
    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    To post pics is as easy as posting a text comment;

    -'Go advanced.'
    -'Pictures upload.'
    -'Add files.'
    -'Select files.'
    -'Upload files.'
    -'Submit reply.'

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    You have to understand that the forum is full of stories like this where a person believes they have something very valuable because of the stories that came with it.

    I would say that 99.9% of these pieces turn out to be something ordinary unremarkable or fake but time and history have made them something they aren't.

    You need to ask why on earth would an SS member get their number engraved on the inside of the cover. There is no reason or logic to it.

    You should also be aware that members join here hoping to pull as fast one and attempt to convince experienced collectors and experts here that black is white. They are also known as conmen. Now I am not saying that you are but there is a familiar theme to this thread. A new member with something wonderful, reluctance to share all the details, keeping the number a secret is pointless, there is no reason to do so, unable to post pics. This is old hat to most of us here.

    If you have the photos you can send me a private message, I will furnish you with my email address and I will post the photos on your behalf.

    If you come here for help then you have to provide all the details and not take the members here for fools. To turn up, claim you have an SS officers watch, want to return it to the family yet not be prepared to go into detail, say you're not interested in value. This is all a bit pointless. We have a four page thread about something we will never know anything more about.

    You have to admit, this isn't the most productive way to obtain information if you yourself are unwilling to provide any.

    If you are not going to give anything more then I suggest this thread is closed as it is a waste of space. If you can send me the photos I will reopen it and let the members voice their opinions on the images.

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    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Jerry- I second that-
    "He who hesitates is lost - is not only lost but miles from the next exit"

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