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SS watch

Article about: My only interest in the watch,apart from it being my fathers,is I would like to give it back to the family it belongs to, there is a short story that goes with the watch but I really dont wa

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    Default SS watch

    I have a watch which was my fathers, the name on the face is ,TELL,he took this watch home from ww2, I took it to a watch maker to have it serviced after my father died, on collection he told me that he had found a SS officers number hidden inside the watch, does anyone know how I can find out the original owners name ,I have the number, and can supply photo if useful, would appreciate any advise or information regarding the watch.

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    Try Research Service for the Identification of Schutzstaffel Numbers - Services I know it says SS daggers but they ID SS numbers.

    Hopefully they can help you out with the SS man's numbers.


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    Thanks very much for information I will certainly try it,thanks again.
    regards Willie

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    How did he know it was an SS officers number, and not just a serial number for the watch for example?

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    he was a jewish jeweller and was old, but the number had the ss insignia next to it ,also he seemed very aware of these things as his wifes and his family were almost wiped out during the war by the the ss

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    Can you take and post some photos of the watch and numbers please?
    It would be good to know what relates the numbers to the SS.

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    I agree with Adrian, photos please.

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    I can and will post a picture of the watch ,but am unable to post picture of the number and the insignia as it is in the workings of the watch and I have not got the confidence to got into the watch and try and locate them, but I will take the jewellers word for it.

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    It's sounds a bit implausible to me

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    A bit tricky then. If I was an SS man and wanted my watch engraved with my number to prevent theft etc, I'd have it put on the back of the case in plain view. Just food for thought, always good to question.

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