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Very Rare Führerwein

Article about: Hi, what do you know about the Führerwein? one of my friend has a bottler. what is its value?

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    well said gunny.

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    They sell such bottles in Italy.

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    I have seen such bottles in Italy and the wine is not good either - the cheapest wine You can get from the supermarket.

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    Dear Feuerbach!
    Please, upload some pictures about "your" Führerwein!
    Thank you!

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    Please, upload some pictures as a proof, that you made these bottles!

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    We were selling them for between 8 and 10 euros, and 40 euros for a wooden box of three the a very nice screen-printed (bogus) box around Xmas.
    I will make some pictures of the bottles I still have when I am back in Normandie. We made two sort; one with really old bottles, and later on we made them with new bottles of (bad) red wine we bought. If I remember correctly we paid about 0,65 euro cents for the bottles of wine in straight Bordeaux bottles, without eticket and capsule, but with real cork. The bottle and cork were more expensive than the wine itself. We managed to get 8 etickets on one A4, and cut them out by hand and glued them one. Some were aged with coffee, but most we flogged out were just as they rolled out of the printer.
    The ones wich have the 'Nur fur die SS' are also of our hand, and we also made the ones that said 'nur für die Truppen der besetzten Gebieten'.
    We toke examples of google images, but also made some up ourselfs.
    We were selling them from an adress in Belgium to avoid any problems with the law (like the seller in Italy got, although he got all his bottles back in the end). Most of the bottles were sold to buyers in the UK, Holland, Germany, France and Belgium.
    Its been some years now, but I still have all the etickets on USB somewhere, so in fact I could start printing them again if I wish.
    Also found a dealer in the US that sold copies of original etickets to glue on bottles, but buying them was much to expensive, so we made our own.
    There must still be hundreds of our bottles still floating around, but like I said we always stated in the adds they were copy's and only for collectors and diarama's. Also we had an add up that said; supprise your family in law this Christmas with this bottle of wine.
    Because we were not aloud to sell the bottles as wine, we had to state that we were selling the bottle with eticket, and not the wine itself, although the bottles were full. We had to state they were not suitable for human comsumption, that had to do with the tax on alcohol that we didn't pay, as we bought the bottles in France.
    I will make some pictures of the bottles I kept when Im back in Normandie.

    Going through my files on this computer I just found one of the first model we made. This one is glued onto a real old bottle. As you can see we were still experimenting with ageing the etickets with coffee, that made the colors run. Later on we got the hang of it, and they got better and better.
    Still a good way of making money, because although they are copies they still sell very well. The price for a bottle of cheap wine with cork and the printing and labour still works out under 1 euro, and they do sell for at least 8 euros. Every now and than I stil recieve emails of buyers if I still have these bottles for sale, although it has been years ago we made them!
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    To quote P. T. Barnum, "there is a sucker born every minute."


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    Stop It!! ...Stop it now!!...this thread is silly!!
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    Collect ROA, Cossack, Schuma and other WW2 Volunteer militaria.

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    Quote by Gunny Hartmann View Post
    There are some people with only £1.99 who have more money than brains!....

    Quote by BOB COLEMAN View Post
    To quote P. T. Barnum, "there is a sucker born every minute."

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