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Wittmann Tiger Normandie.

Article about: Always been interested in the Tank battles around Caen in France. Especially those with the 101 Schwere SS Panzers. The famous picture of Wittmanns destroyed turretless Tiger has always fasc

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    When I first saw the picture, I didn't think it was Wittmann's as there are bushes behind the tank??

    But, there does seem to be something sticking up in the same place as the right rear grill, of 007.

    Could these bushes have grown later, and then cut back down when the war ended.

    I am fascinated by this picture, it does look like 007..

    I'm delighted this has got the chaps on here interested, many thanks.

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    Where Wittmann was knocked out Peter was well into an open field where this one is lying right next to a track which does fit in with the location and account of where Phillipsen was knocked out , his Tiger was hit by Anti tank gun fire in a lane whislt he was leaving the village of Cahagnes , it set on fire , Phillipsen got out but was then struck by shell splinters and killed.
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