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Wittmann Tiger Normandie.

Article about: Always been interested in the Tank battles around Caen in France. Especially those with the 101 Schwere SS Panzers. The famous picture of Wittmanns destroyed turretless Tiger has always fasc

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    ..... does it actually bring any new evidence to the table ?
    I have a copy of the magazine - the article is written by Brian A Reid and is basically a slightly amended update of Appendix E from his book 'No Holding Back - Operation Totalize August 1944'. So there's no sensational new evidence and one has to keep in mind that Lt-Col Reid is Canadian

    Personally I respect his analysis into which a lot of research has gone - it's a better-than-usual BaW article, IMPO. I enjoy reading all the different theories and prefer to leave it that, unless I can go back in a time-machine to view the battle in slow motion, I'll never know for sure. Wittmann died in armoured battle, and that's enough for me.

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    Three Brummbars were knocked out in the same area as Wittmanns Tiger , some Brummbar relics are now in the Overlord Museum.
    And given that I think there were only 12 or so in the whole Normandie battle that's a lot of scrap iron!

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    I always thought Brummbars were mini Sturm Tigers..

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