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Wooden eagle...opinions

Article about: Hi all..i saw this Wooden eagle ,32 x 24 cm.,the stamp is i think it's not possible to state if is period or post war...isn't it?? Many thanks for every opinion Luca

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    It appears that at one point in time is was gold. Doesn't look like paint as it would have absorbed into the wood??? A type of powder spray? I'm guessiong here.
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

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    Circuit advertisement Wooden eagle...opinions
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    No way of telling, in my opinion... also, craftsmanship is severely lacking. The one below would be much nicer

    Wooden eagle...opinions

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    What do you think would be a fair price for it,consideting that it s not possibile to state if it s periodo and the hme made workmanship?

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    I would not pay much of anything for it. It's a crudely carved home made item that is highly unlikely to be period. Pay what you would pay if it was simply a piece of folk art that someone's father had carved for fun in his basement work shop.

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    fifty quid would be about right for it

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    Quote by lucabrnroma View Post
    What do you think would be a fair price for it,consideting that it s not possibile to state if it s periodo and the hme made workmanship?

    I don't think its worth having at even a low price, not for a collector. To my eye it looks like a recent piece - look at the patches of pale wood peeping through where the brown wash hasn't taken - no signs of 70-80 years of patina and the effects of light and atmosphere on the wood. Also the stamp on the base is an obvious attempt to suggest that it has some 'official' pedigree whereas the workmanship is amateurish.

    Regards, Philip

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    Pay what is comfortable for you. What a person pays is personal. If you like it get it, if this thread has you in question, weigh it out in your mind.
    I still think its kind of neat. Although you've heard the community here and their opinions are honest and valuable. In this hobby be prepared for let downs once in a while. Use your best judgement and all will be okay. Good luck. K

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    many thanks ideas are much clearer now

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    Better to get a 100% orginal ek2
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    the gold looks like a golden wax, used in art.
    Not paint because paint doesn' t degrade like this. And it' s not gold leaf for the same reasons.
    But gold wax is a modern proceed.
    My opinion : 70' production.
    Looks like a very risky investment.

    But a picture without your white square can help, because it seems golden degradation is less on the swastika.

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