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WW II German Sturmgeschütz III Wooden Toy.

Article about: I've had this for probably thirty years. My grandfather gave it to my dad and my father gave it to me. My grandfather brought this back from Germany at the end of WWII. I never knew anything

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    That's really cool! It is surprisingly accurate for a toy, and as others have said it looks like an instructional model because of its detail. Very neat!

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    It's definitely a toy, but getting specific information from Habermaaß is difficult to impossible. They are known worldwide as HABA and they produce a wide line of children's toys, costumes, and furniture. When I first contacted the company, my inquiry was directed to HABA USA in New York. From that source I was told that the toy was made in 1943-44. But when I asked for more information, specifically if the toy is one of a line of WWII combat vehicles, I received no answer. Next, I asked the USA representative for an email contact at the company's HQ in Germany, and was totally blown off with a stonewall answer. So, I tracked down the company's email address in Germany--no easy matter--and sent an email in German, with Luke's photos, asking for more details. I was particularly interested in whether or not they have a museum that displays their toy products over the years they have been in business. I still have received no answer. My guess is that as an international manufacturer of children's products, the company is very sensitive to how they are--might be--perceived on matters dealing with the sort of toys they produced during WWII. We all know that anything Nazi is by definition "evil" and to be shunned and reviled, and for many firms any connection with anything even remotely connected to the years 1933-45 is to be avoided and not discussed. Silly, but that's reality today. Actually, the toy Luke posted is a truly magnificent work, excellent craftsmanship, attention to detail, and something worth having. During the war, I had an American-made, quality wooden M-4E8 Sherman tank that I wish I still had. My guess is that Habermaaß did produce other wartime war toys, but what they were is for the moment unknown. Dwight

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    Thanks to all for the "likes" and positive comments. I'd like to give an extra thanks to Ralph (rbminis.) He offered to make me a new panel since the one I have is damaged. He then offered to fix other broken parts. I really appreciate this and it shows what a great guy he is and what an awesome place this forum is!
    Thanks again everybody!


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    There cannot be may survivors of these wartime wooden models or toys. Thank you for posting!
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    Thank you, Stefan. Hopefully one day I'll find another one out there and maybe pick up a little more information on them. I was really hoping that another member would have one that they would be willing to show.


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    Hi Luke,

    A lovely-looking Stug, and an easy fix too! All replacement parts can easily be fashioned from thin Birch-ply. It has a nice tight grain, its easy to cut with a craft knife, and you can sand to a super-smooth finish. The biggest problem would be matching up the colour. Best of luck.

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    Very nice and great detail for a wooden model!...
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    a very detailed toy indeed!
    look after it wont you

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    Thank you guys!


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    Just a small update.
    A member over on WAF just posted these photos and he has no problem with me posting them here. The only difference that I can find besides his being in better shape is the makers mark even though they're both made by the same company. I also found out that I have the gun barrel on upside down! It's really nice to finally see one just like mine and from his excellent example I can see what missing and broken on mine.


    Click image for larger version. 

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