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WW2 German Chaplain Cross?

Article about: Many moons ago my auntie gave me this as a gift from her next door neighbor? Anyway I just thought It was some cross and didn't find out (until today) it could possibly be a Chaplain Cross.

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    Default WW2 German Chaplain Cross?

    Many moons ago my auntie gave me this as a gift from her next door neighbor? Anyway I just thought It was some cross and didn't find out (until today) it could possibly be a Chaplain Cross.

    WW2 German Chaplain Cross?
    WW2 German Chaplain Cross?

    Thanks in advance,

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    What makes you think it is German? I have seen this type of cross all over Europe, even dating back to the 18th century. I see if I can find a picture of one I dugg up a few months ago in France.

    Here you go; a picture of one I found a few months ago. It dates back to the 18th century, and is not a military or chaplains cross, let alone German.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture WW2 German Chaplain Cross?  

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    I was flicking through my missing nazi treasure book and came across a similar picture. Some story which was given to my auntie when I received it, never took much notice tbh.

    WW2 German Chaplain Cross?

    I can see no visible marks

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    Just found this quote, it may be of some help!......"The chaplains officially held the rank of Major within the Wehrmacht and were clothed as such. They did not, however, wear epaulets as other officers did, but they did wear an armband with a purple stripe in between two white stripes on which a red cross was placed.[33] In addition to this, they also wore a cross, plain metal for Protestants and wooden with a corpus Christi for the Catholics."

    Andy Lewis: Men of God in Hitler's Armies
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    All good en well, but still I think there was no crucifix made especially for the army chaplains. In my opinion they (would) use their own personal cruxifixes, and there is no such thing as a standard military crucifix issued by the military for the chaplains.
    I will ask my father about this, as he is a dean (COE) and works for the Royal British Legion in Belgium. Good chance he will know more on this matter.

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    Looks like an early to mid last century rosary bead crucifix to me?

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    I understand that these are known as a pectoral cross and were widely worn by priests and nuns etc. in catholic orders. A quick search suggests that the design that you have is a common one (

    I wonder if a Chaplin in Wehrmacht service would have been 'issued' with a cross in any case, as it would have part of his usual accouterments as an ordained priest.


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    Varieties and styles from centuries past and into modern day..can not be counted. Did it belong to someone? Yes of course...but to a German Priest..No proof! DRPMC google link shows the same construction and some of the photos and are more recent. This type of crucifix was common during those my father also had one of the same construction,,but smaller. Regards Larry
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    I was always told as a kid that the small skull and bones on this one generally indicated that it was from a nun...

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    This is not ww2 chaplain, I would suspect it commercial made. It very rare to find a Chaplain cross. (unless some sort of proof)
    Here is interesting link that talks about crosses enjoy.
    Chaplains Cross/Crucifix - Page 3 - Militaria Forums

    I was hunting for an evangelical cross for chaplain they are rare and expensive. (I go for evangelical chaplain stuff)
    Side note - Chaplains I believe were eventually basically phased out of the German arm forces (KIA) because if I recall in 1943 (or maybe late 1942) they were required to serve on the front line. There is a book if anyone is interested in reading it about German Chaplains German Military Chaplains In World War II (Schiffer Military History Book): Mark Hayden: 9780764321566: Books

    Got a friend that reenact this and study a great deal about this subject.

    Forgot to mention there are repros of both types of crosses they come up on ebay sometimes.

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