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2014 Carboot Finds Etc

Article about: I thought I would post my finds for this year, from bootsales and local auctions, etc. I went to my local village auction yesterday and was fortunate to pick up the the following trunk, from

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    Well yesterday (22 March), I went to my first bootsale of the year, not much about but I did have one great find of the following paper work, Pte J E Jones 1/8 Royal Warks Regiment, MM, and also invalided out with the loss of his left arm. Bought from the grandson, he was having a clear out and said his kids would not be interested, sold for a 1, how cheap something so important to a family can be sold !
    Regards Gary
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    Well it obviously wasn't important was it? The price of 1 sums it up aptly I'm afraid. I have a neighbour who works on the local council tip here in Warrington, and last week he found a WW1 pair of medals with cap badge. Some years ago my uncles medals were passed to me after being recovered from a dustbin. I can never understand how these people can part with such things.
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    Some great named items you have found Gary, both groups to medal winners, you have done well.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Good find Gary. At least it has gone to a good home now. I must agree with you Steve.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Finds for March 29th bootsale, were a WW1 (?) German Trench Knife (unmarked), British MkIV 1945 dated helmet (with a nice sand textured finish), 1940 dated Air Ministry aircraft axe, 1939 ARP bandages, RAMC 1944 training book and a Soldiers English-French conversation book (I think Inter War period). The knife and axe were from a chap who works for a recycling/salvage company, who turns up occasionally with a van full of assorted collectables, he also had an British Officers cap and some 1960 WD cooking manuals, but somebody else beat me to those !
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    April 5th, first stop was a Tractor/Farm equipment sale (read carboot for farmers), pick ups were a P60 grenade box, WD petrol can, 30 cal ammo box and what I think is a WD medical water bottle. Then back to a local village auction, where a smaller but named trunk and contents to H M Despaigne (which started this thread), was a great surprise. Again stiff bidding to the dizzy heights of 40 and the trunk was mine. Asked auctioneer about it and the previous trunk but he said it's still stuff coming in from an estate clearance. Contents were 1940 Cornwall badged B/D, No2 Mk3 medical kit, 1943 dated Bergen, another far east issue uniform, Kodak camera, French civilian binoculars, and a civilian bergen.
    Again worth an early start, but a real surprise find in the 2nd trunk !
    Regards Gary
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    The water-bottle looks to me like an ARP issue one. Although in my experience these are marked ARP on the top.

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    April 6th, up at 5.30 and straight out, forecast is light showers/blustery, destination a vehicle and vintage clear out. Finds include a death penny (seller had it from a collection of brass items, weighed in for scrap), some very nice salt & peppers shakers for the Royal Artillery (mess issue), a bag of 37 pattern webbing (WW1/WW2 and 1950's dated), the remains of an early 1800's British Sea Service flintlock pistol, a 1916 dated Canadian issue shoe brush ( the other 3x in the photo are WW11 issue), an early water bottle that I think is WD issue, a 1945 WD lantern and a 1930's French gas mask.
    Again an interesting mix of finds.
    Regards Gary
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    Some very nice finds!Lucky you.The Aluminium water bottle is known as the 'Indian pattern'.It was a private purchase type thing and would have originally been covered in KD with a shoulder strap.The other recent waterbottle is a Medics type.Again would have had a wool cover with strap.They date back to at least the Boer war.It might be faintly dated on the bottom or the back.

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