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$5 navy knife

Article about: Was at a small antique show today and found this British navy knife in a box of tools . Asked the lady how much and walked away with it for . also picked up a few other items all very cheap

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    I guess not thanks again for your help. Gary

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    Sometimes the fact that you don't know can be part of the fun I think? You can have all these ideas rolling about your head, who, what, why, when etc You'll probably never know the answer but I find that 'maybe just' factor a great buzz!

    Take your knife for example, made in Sheffield in the UK in 1942 then presumably issued to a British soldier when he joined up in the UK that much is probably fact, but...then what? Where was that soldier posted, Overseas? Africa?, Europe eventually?, Far East or did he never make it out of the UK?
    What happened to him, did he survive, or did he not make it? How did the knife end up in the US, did he swop it with a GI, did he move to the US and take it with him? Did a tourist from the US buy it over here in the post war years and take it home with him?
    You can keep going on for ever with these scenario's for the knife and for most of the militaria people have in their collections and most likely you'll never ever know what really happened but it'll be fun thinking about the 'maybe just...' factor!!

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    Nice grab. Rich A. in Pa.
    1969 Shelby GT-500 King of the Road
    Knowledge is power, guard it well.

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    Thanks Rich A.

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