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American pickers

Article about: I watch this programme & can't believe these guys.....they are on the road looking for stuff they can make a buck on , so they go into someones barn that is chocca block with loads of go

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    According to a topic on USMF the Pawn Stars programme is fake. Apparently they ask big collectors to come by with some rare stuff and they pretend to buy it on the show but in reality they don't and the collectors just take their items back home?

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    A swift Google of "Pawn Stars is fake" proves interesting. Here is one of the many.
    History Channelís Pawn Stars is Fake |

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    [/COLOR][CENTER][COLOR=#ff0000][SIZE=3]URGENTLY LOOKING FOR: 1982 era Argentine military issue goggles. Fravida 109, and "Sanbuee" French lens type

    [/SIZE]Have a look at my 20+ (so far, work in progress) albums for lots of M1's, rare liners and other stuff, including WW2British helmets, Falklands battlefield pickup helmets and let me know what you think!

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    I knew I am not the only one who likes American Pickers! It is a great show, and when I watch it I always keep my eyes open if I see any militaria.

    And I too hate Pawn Stars, now that Andy provided the link, I hate it even more!

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    You have got to be kidding me, that replacement coca cola machine pretty much sums everything up.

    What happened to the History Channel?

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    I just wanna throw in that I live near Nashville, and was quite excited when I heard about the store they put in. It was crap! I walked in hoping to see a lot of interesting things, to bad that probably 90% of the stuff has "NFS" on it (not for sale). The other stuff is junk you could probably find easily at any typical flea market. Of course there were plenty of non antique $30 American Picker tee shirts for sale. Complete gimick, and not even worth the twenty minute drive.


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    Totally enjoyed "Wagriff's Rant", as it will go down in history! Laughed all the way through, but he summed it all up very well. I can watch American Pickers for a laugh, but Pawn Stars is just too fake; like someone is going to bring a Gatling gun, a jet, or that big tractor/godzilla thing that ate cars in to pawn. "Uh, I can only give you $25 for that 'cause it may sit around here forever". Might as well watch Honey Boo Boo or a tow truck show. The Storage shows have convinced me I can make a fortune bidding on past-due lockers; they are just full of Corvettes and stuff. Yes, History Channel has evidently learned that actual "history" doesn't sell advertising. UFOs, psychics, swamp-billys, repo guys, ugly-angry over botoxed housewives, and blimp-butt Kardashians are where it's at. Once again, this just proves us militaria collectors are WAAAYYYY out of the loop. If I mention to my friends/family that I collect helmets I just get this funny look, and then they remember that they have to go sort their sock drawer. You guys are just weird.

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    I shouted at my TV when they where just standing next to the goddamn thing

    - Bas

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    There was an "arms Expert" named Sean Rich who would appear on Pawn Stars from time to time to verify firearms. Evidently the Network Starmakers were grooming him to have his own spin-off show. Here is what happened:


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    I remember on American Pickers they went to a guys storage shed and he had a NVA helmet with commo wire netting and a couple of VC grenades that he brought back from Vietnam in 1968, but they didnt make an offer since it was sentimental and they thanked him for his service

    I remember seeing the inside of the helmet and it was a Czech M53 judging by the leather liner & chin strap

    the VC grenades were the Chi Com style with short wooden handles with the pull friction type handle

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    CBH is online now

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    The National Geographic Channel has some new shows on, Family Guns ,They bought a PAIT for 800$ , and Bid & Destroy , they found a Enigma Machine ! But I feel that all TV is faked in some way , it is TV after all .

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