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attic found

Article about: No offence meant. Just didnt want you landing in hot water, as per the other member who warned of this. Firearms laws change at a fast pace and very seldom for the better (more lenient) in t

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    No offence meant. Just didnt want you landing in hot water, as per the other member who warned of this.
    Firearms laws change at a fast pace and very seldom for the better (more lenient) in these times.
    Better one superfluous warning to a member who knows everything, than one less warning to a member, who might not be fully aware of the law having changed.
    After all, this is not a matter to be taken lightly in this day and age.

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    I know what you understand, and d'ont worry. But at this moment they are changing the firearms laws, last year in december some muslim lunitic used weapons and grenades to kill a lott off people at the centre sqaure off Liege

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    How many rounds does this one take? Looks like its not Russian, but a Belgian copy of the Russian Mossin Nagant. Diffrence is in the amount of rounds in the cilinder, and if it has the Russian star or not. Also there's a big difference in price; the Belgian ones a wurth much more than the Russian one's, that you can buy for under 200 euros.

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    It can take 7 rounds in the cilinder, and the holes in the cilinder are all marked with Russian signs, unfortnatley unable to read for me.
    It has a Russian star on it.
    But I did not know that Belgium copied this revolver again, I always knew that the first ones where made in Belgium and then copied by the Russians.
    About price you are right, the ones made in Belgium are a real investment, but never seen one in a gunshop.

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    Nagant is actually firstly made in Belguim as I remember in 1895? It is a very nice weapon, my friend has one but ammo is too expensive and hard to get. If in good condition, it is very accurate pistol. As about having live firearms at home without any licence in Belgium - it is something new to me. As our government wants to ban even deactivated weapons it will be nice if You can give me some more info about Belgian gun laws via private message.

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    The numbers on the cylinder are the serial number and would have originally matched those on the frame. But given the gun is an Izhvesk and you say it has a star on it (Tula) the cylinder probably isn't original. The serial number would either be all numbers for a early gun or two letters (cyrilic) followed by likely 4 numbers for a later gun.

    - - Updated - -

    Definitely Russian and a late war gun. Doesn't look like it has a refurb mark which means it was likely not in soviet hands after the war. It is a very late gun to be found so far west! Very interesting.

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    On the subject of live weapons in Belgium

    all weapons patented before 1896 and produced before 1945 are free in belgium as long that you don't have the ammunition.
    there is also a very long list of weapons which are conciderd by the belgian goverment as collector, historical and folklore weapons.
    they are all bolt action rifles (with a few exceptions) and revolvers and pistols dated around WWI (Bittner, Borchard, early Lugers, C96 and Webley pistols and revolvers in .445 caliber (not the .38)

    No all go and eat your heart out.


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    I remember back in the 1980s where the Liege Fleamarket had weapons for sale....probably changed by now?

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