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This Barn is FULL!!!!

Article about: quite a nice find, indeed. In the 60's I was traveling a lot of Pennsylvania back roads, for no good reason. I came upon a flea market type place that had outbuildings which were formerly ch

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    Default This Barn is FULL!!!!

    Well I am new to this forum as I just found it this Morning.

    I am not very good with computers so I hope the photo has uploaded....if not well you are missing a great photo.

    Thius shows one end of a Barn...not too far from Toronto Ontario
    The Barn is being taken down over the next few weeks..the photo shows stacks of RCAF Aircraft well as over 100 crated radios...this barn is FULL of Military items..I found over 30 WW1 belts in it last well as lots of Lancaster parts...many items still in there origianl packages.
    This fellow also had about 12 48 foot trailers full of I now have a 10X10 storage space, a garage and a downstairs room full of stuff!!!

    This is a Great site as I also relic hunt and collect dug Military items..Been hunting a 1760s British Army site here in Ontario for a couple of years...pulled 6 cannonballs as well as many other items.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture This Barn is FULL!!!!  

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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    WOW it worked!!! Guess I will post more

    One photo here shows a 48 foot trailer that was so full of uniforms your back was against the room when you crawled on them..the other shows my pile of BC 602 Radio Control units..these were used in all Spitfires, Lancasters ect during WW2...some are still in there boxes.

    The trailers are now all gone..most of the uniforms were rotting as animals and water had gotten in over the years...still lots of stuff in that barn!!

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture This Barn is FULL!!!!   This Barn is FULL!!!!  

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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    Dean, Glad you found the place. I'm pretty new here too. I've never seen such a fine group of guys and gals on any forum, people don't talk down to one another here they always seem to talk across, that's a good thing. The knowledge is amazing. Nice barn you got there, keep us posted cuz it looks like there are a few goodies in there.


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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    Dean, welcome to the site, you'll like it here. Would love to see some of the items that you salvaged. Great find, they're still out there, somewhere....... Thanks for sharing, John

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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    Thanks Guys..I help on a couple of other sites as a Finds Advisor for dug up Relics as well as an Ordnance collctors site as I did some EOD while in the Army.

    In the trailers and Barn there is everything you can imagine..aircraft to tank bits...and everything in between.


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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    wow, you lucky lucky person you, what a dream find.

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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    You are lucky! What period the uniforms in the pic 2?

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    Hi Dean, welcome to the forum, wonderful find. Do you have any idea where the guy obtained such large lots of military equipment. Quite strange for a North American find!

    Take care,

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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    Amazing!I never knew you could find something like this in Canada

    Is the owner selling the stuff?I wouldnt mind picking up a World War 1 Sams belt and a battledress!

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    Default Re: This Barn is FULL!!!!

    The fellow bought all types of surplus in the 60s..thgat was the time that the Canadian Gov was getting rid of it's WW1 and WW2 War Stocks..all the trailers are gone now and only the barn is still there..I am buying all I can from him as I find good items.

    Most of the BDs were post WW2, I did find a few War dated ones.

    It was a shame that almost all of the leather flying boots and flying helmets were rotted..but sometimes you get lucky while digging through the stuff.
    I found a Spitfire Control coloum with the spade grip 2 years ago.
    He had crates of Mills 36 Practice Grenades..but most had been sold..I am hoping there might be a crate or 2 still buried.


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