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Car Boot anyone ?

Article about: Well done on the refurb of the ammo boxes.

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    Default Car Boot anyone ?

    Hi all

    I thought i had posted this but can't find the thread anywhere. Aplogies to the moderators if this is the second time i've posted this.

    Every couple of weeks i go to a large car boot sale to have a dig around other peoples crap. Only one reason i hunt for WW2 items.

    I have found numerous items in the past few years and thought i'd post up 2 of my most recent purchases.

    Firstly, i couldn't believe my eyes when i saw a seller pull this from a box of crap. I don't think he quite realised what he had as i got it for FOUR POUNDS !!!!

    Not only that but the original replacement eye pieces were in the compartment in the lid. Dated 1938 and still in original wrappers

    I got these 2 weeks apart. The 50 cal one first.....that was rusted to hell and back with no original paint left on it. The 30 cal was full of old tools and had been badly bashed about. It took me 2 weeks to get them back into shape, stripped, primed and re-painted. I re-did the stenciling as well What do you think ? Not bad for TWO POUNDS EACH !


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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    Nice finds and also nice work on the ammo tins.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?


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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    great finds , i have had a few finds on car boots but not a great deal, you did well, rgds dave

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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    Great finds! The ammo cans seem to be fairly popular.

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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    Ive made some finds on these types of places. My latest was three M1 Fixed Bale helmetshells for 30$
    But perhaps the biggest find was when my mother found a mint ww2 brittish combat jacket for 2$.

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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    Nice finds Snafu !

    Last week i spoted a guy selling.....get this...... a Moisin-nagant rifle, a Kar98 and a walthar P38 pistol !!!!!!!

    The stuff people try and sell.......

    I did buy some WW2 artillery cases. I'll post a pic soon (in the process of being cleaned atm)


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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    Hi, i'm new here.
    Why didn't you try to buy the rifles and pistol?

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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    Hey sniper....WELCOME ! wife has a very strong opinion about guns, whether or not they have been de-activated. I choose to respect her opinions and not bring firearms into the house.

    To be totally honest, this isn't a problem for me. I have more than enough history in all the other items i have found and get much MUCH more pleasure from items i have personally discovered than those i have bought.

    One day i may well find a relic weapon and i will want to keep it.......but I'll cross that bridge when i get to it


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    Default Re: Car Boot anyone ?

    Thought I'd give this a bump as I was just playing with the gasmask tin

    Still can't believe I got it for 4

    Steve T

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