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Castle of Kos-Greece

Article about: When was these pictures taken?

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    Default Castle of Kos-Greece

    Hey guys,

    I just got back from holiday and i went one day to Kos - Greece

    there i went with my girl in the castle.

    We were walking on the walls and i look down. there were a few sheds and loads of old incrypted stones. and suddenly my hearth missed an stroke. here are some pics of that one shed:

    There just rusting away because there of the gouverment. and nobody cares about it. i asking if i could buy them but they were not for sell.

    well greeting from the netherlands,


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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    hi Darkcastle!Your pics remind me the summer 1978 in Creta.This year,I was 11 and on a wall in a field,there were 3 fallschirmjager's helmets ,surely waiting for someone to pick them up...As my parents were hippies,no way for me to bring them at home...There are times in the life,you have to DISOBEY even to the nicest parents on earth!
    I 'm absolutely in love with Greece and Greeks,and I'm sure there's always a solution in this land...May be during your next travel to Kos?

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    Sorry,DarkEagle,not Darkcastle.....

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    anything else in there?

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    Hi Darkeagle

    I wonder what those boxes contain!!!

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    i was wondering too. but i had to jump off an castle wall and that was like 10-15 meter high lol. the other door was locked.

    the manger did asked me if i was interest to help clean it next year for the museum.

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    ah ah ah DarkEagle...nice post!!! I would have a stroke too..
    I went to Crete and I tried to disobey the "danger" signs hanged on the fences of the Maleme military airfield to follow the "holy fire of search" that burns in me...and I was quite arrested that day after I show up in the fire range of the airport guard!!!! Not tell you guys what my girlfriend said to me...

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    hi Drago,do you mean that the sentry was not aslept...?You had to try at 3 o'clock PM!
    The best way to find relics is to go in the lost villages and to tell them that you're looking for" a nice pot to put my flowers in".If you're lucky,you'll come back with a nice german helmet...

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    I would love to know what is in those boxes!!!

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    Default Re: Castle of Kos-Greece

    you wish that iτ is so easy...if you search alone in hills of crete maybe you will find something.To get it from villagers and cheap it is not easy.But with money you can find and ww2 weapons.As a cretan friend had told me before years , in a cave you can find and a tiger tank front of it a villager has his cows, sheep e.τ.c.Not so easy to get near

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