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Charity Shop Finds

Article about: First an apology - not been around much of late. Nothing wrong, just general busyness. Aaaaaaaaaaaanyways, I have a passion for books and a passion for rooting around in charity shops. Just

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    Hello all,

    for me there's nothing more exciting than finding a little gem in a charity shop. Countless hours wading through an ocean of Blue Harbour cardigans, mushroom coloured rain coats, cutlery and bric-a-brac have yielded very little in return. Yesterday however, I caught sight of this netted Mk2 high up on a shelf and it made me realise why I do it.

    Charity Shop Finds Charity Shop Finds Charity Shop FindsCharity Shop Finds

    Its liner is made by CCL and is dated 1941. I cannot locate a stamp on the shell as much of its sand-textured paint remains inside and out. The net has become really faded but as you can see has left an impression on the paintwork of the shell which leads me to believe it's original to the helmet. Not a bad catch for 10!


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    That's a cool thing to find :-) And for a tenner, you really can't go far wrong...

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    Apologies once again for another lengthy absence - sometimes other things do get in the way of hobbies Can't be helped I'm afraid. Anyways, still hasn't stopped me from rooting around in charity shops that I pass in the course of daily life. A stinking cold has got me stuck at home, so I've unboxed some of my latest purchases and photographed them to share. Helps take the mind off feeling like such a grot box...

    Might not me on here as much as I'd like, but I do think of you guys This lot's a fairly eclectic mix, some outside of my usual comfort zone, but I do tend to buy bits and pieces that catch my eye...

    Charity Shop Finds

    "Popski's Private Army" is an account of a Belgian of Russian ancestry who served in the North African campaign with the Allies; "No Time to Wave Goodbye" is all about the evacuees.

    Charity Shop Finds

    "Tornado Down" is from the First Gulf War - I actually remember this, was doing my mock GCSEs at the time, and kept skiving off revision to watch the news on TV...

    Charity Shop Finds

    "The Dam Busters March" I actually uhm, appropriated, from the recycling bin where mum volunteers... Shame I can neither read music nor play an instrument - and the cats run away when I sing... The Battle of Britain souvenir book was a find in Oxfam lurking among the comics - has fascinating articles on air warfare during the Cold War and on the then embryonic Mercury space programme...

    This next book, "Judge Advocates in Combat" really isn't my cup of tea normally, but it has the business card of one of the JAGs featured in the book stapled to the frontspiece - there's a picture of her in the book too. No idea how this particular volume ended up in a junk shop - it's absolutely mint. Only thing I don't know is whether it should have a dust jacket or not. But it's got to be worth the pound I paid for it, surely. Maybe one of you gents could tell me more?

    Charity Shop Finds

    Charity Shop Finds

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    Interesting book. The cheapest I can find over here in the States is about $9.00 plus shipping, so a Pound is not bad. And, you are right-they did not come issued with a dust jacket!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks :-) It's nice to know that the dust jacket didn't get lost. :-) It was the business card that sold it to me really as it's nice to put a name to things.

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    Some nice finds here. I've looked in charity shops but never found anything worthwhile. I'm hoping one day I will find an knights cross mixed in with some keychains.

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    I,ve had two terrfic finds from a local charity store, one was about 15yrs ago and was a good copy of Thompsons Daggers of the Third Reich, the other a couple of yrs ago and a great pair of Voightlander desert sand binoculars, the optics on these are among the finest i,ve seen on any set, old or modern, crystal clear, shame the carrier and eye shields were gone but for 4.00 you cant complain, the original neck strap is near perfect, one thing i did miss out on a few months ago was a complete set, tankers Overalls, badged beret for RAC , gutted was the word, all marked up, name, size, date, included was the pattern 37 belt and Webley holster, i saw it in a box, had a look but was told one of the shop womens husband had claimed it, apparently he runs a Military auction every month and gets first pick of everything military

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    Aaaargh, that must be so frustrating, Dave. Had a similar issue with Churchill's six volume history of WW2 previous week...

    Actually, my best find in a charity shop had nothing to do with militaria whatsoever... Found an 18ct white gold bracelet set with seven 4mm round brilliant cut aquamarines in a box of cheap costume jewellery. Paid my couple of quid and walked out as quickly as possible.

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    The best find i saw was my dads, he saw a little statuette in a junk shop, many moons ago, the shop owner said it was brass, dad knew better, it was about three inches high, we walked out of the shop after dad paid about 30 bob, we went straight to a local jewellers who confirmed it was solid gold, it paid for a two week holiday on the Isle of Wight, and some models for me, plus some new pots and pans for the kitchen

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    30 shillings was a fair old bit though... Still, that's a very, very impressive return.

    It's one of the reasons why I prefer looking for stuff in non-specialist places, be it charity shops, village fetes, general stalls on boot sales etc than those dealing in specific things where the seller knows what they're on about. Picked up some nice bits and bobs at the CP garden party this afternoon, will photograph and post.

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