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Cleaning relics.

Article about: The acid treatment has worked wonders on the two items especially the first aid box!

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    Default Cleaning relics.


    I'm back after my first attempt at cleaning using 'Oxalic acid', I was very pleased and suprised at the results and they speak for themselves really!!

    I found the jerry can on a pile of rubbish at a local garage so I saved it!

    I believe it had been outside for a long time so as a result not much paint remained but i did uncover some in the nooks and crannies

    Underneath its dated 1943 and is market on one side 'USA' and on the other 'QMC' .. not sure what this means, possibly something to do with quartermaster stores??

    The medical tin I found under some car spares at a auto jumble so thought i would save it aswell

    Anyway... here are the results of my first attempt!!


    After: (was still wet)

    Here is the tin as I found it:

    And after cleaning:



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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.

    Hi Sam, the results are very good.

    "QMC" = Quartermaster Corps

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.


    I'm looking forward to restoring other bits and pieces in need of some TLC, I'll post piccies of my latest projects i'm sure

    By the way, I did totally submerge it in the end, I put some ballast inside and sunk her like the bismark , The seal was in good enough condition to cope with it and not a drop of water got in!

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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.

    Very nice results there Sam!

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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.


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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.

    Wonderful results you have obtained there. Can I ask how long you soaked them for and did you have to scrub them etc? Once again great job

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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.

    As I'we told you before, that must give you excellent results with the box

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.

    Once again, thanks for the advice Dimas

    Aussie guy ,

    I left the box in the solution for 35-40 mins when i took it out I used normal cream cleaner (couldnt get hold of any ajax) then gave it a very light scrub with a brillo pad.


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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.

    Dimas, Thank you for sharing your oxalic acid cleaning formula, very much appreciated Sam, Thank you for letting us all know the time etc. It is guys like you that make the War relics forum community such a great place Cheers, Grant

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    Default Re: Cleaning relics.

    Thanx for the advice Sam, nice results as well. looks good

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