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"Desk drawer find"

Article about: Hi again Have another little story to tell ya'll A good friend of mine, former freedomfighter here in Copenhagen, gave me this about a year ago. I'm at his house with my girlfriend for coffe

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    Hi again
    Have another little story to tell ya'll

    A good friend of mine, former freedomfighter here in Copenhagen, gave me this about a year ago.

    I'm at his house with my girlfriend for coffee and "biggies" some sunday afternoon, we're talking and enjoying eachothers company when he suddently says:
    You'd better go have a look at somthing i found in my drawer!
    As he'd allready given me a few items at that time i kinda knew what he was up to.

    There it was, wounded in silver and in mint condition!
    I'm all over and asks if he knew why it was given and how did he come across this?

    Well he says...I see it was a rather expensive lunch the officer had that day!

    My friend is, like i, a metalworker and in the days after the liberation he was at a workshop in "nordhavn" the north harbour/railway area of copenhagen.
    One day he senses someone standing in the doorway looking in and my mate goes to see who..
    It's a german officer that's snug out of the railway area where the germans where confined, waiting to go back to germany.

    As my mate speaks a decent german they talk and it's all about food and water.
    The officer offers a complete uniform jacket, medals, ribbons and all!
    And guess what..My friend says to him (and that's just how i know him :-) :
    You'll be cold tonight..Heres half of my lunch and goodbye.
    The officer then take this single medal off his chest and hands it over, salutes and leaves.

    My friend never knew for what the officer got this medal until i told him.

    Btw..we're going to search his attic one of these days as he remember taking some of the long leatherjackets as he rode a motorbike back then..He's sure theyre still up there and remembers theres a "built in" holster for some gun in one of them :-)
    He told me there where "heaps" of equipment at the harbour, weapons, trucks, cars, bikes...he got himself a nice bike and drowe it until the late 60'ties..yes it is unfortunately long gone..sold as scrap metal he said :-(
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    interesting story,,,

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    very nice

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    Great story and medal!

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    Default Re: "Desk drawer find"

    Nice story...

    Rgds Jan

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    wow a nice freind you have, and intresting badge with story

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    Lovely condition. Very nice wound badge indeed.

    If you need help sorting through his attic give me a shout.....I can be there in 8hrs ish if I catch the ferry right

    Steve T

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    Yes he's a wonderfull guy, fresh brain n all
    lovely wife too.
    both are in their mid 80'ties but really openminded and "young" in their minds.

    Steve T Think we'll manage but thanks anyhow
    Just shows the finds are still out there.

    Other stuff he's given me is bayo w frog (was nailed to a wall in his private workshop since 45), documents, books, propaganda and stories :-)
    Theres also some "stuff" he wont let go of until he eventually has to be carried out or moved to an old folks home
    wonder what that could be...

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    Fantastic story and medal

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