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Article about: I think it was that i also was looking ad on ebay wasserfund! crasy it was sold for 6000euro, it woud be the bottom over the I in a collection, besides if you got Adolf Hitler's Uniform coll

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    Default Enigma

    Latest thing i have bought was these Enigma Parts.
    Really nice and love the badges... now i only need the remaining 99%
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Enigma   Enigma  


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    Default Re: Enigma

    Nice stuff! Enigma machines are pretty rare from what I've read. You have quite a project ahead of you!

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    Default Re: Enigma

    were they recovered from a U boat?

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    Default Re: Enigma

    They just sold one on ebay for abiut 6500 euros last week, in mint condition! ans also a water found, it was about 1500 euros, and another was selling 3 weels and some other stuff! it was 3 enigma's in 1 week
    But very nice stuff you got there

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    Default Re: Enigma

    can you imagine having one ! i can i would have it on the table in my living room and i would just sit on the couch drinking beer staring at it and saying "Yep" every once and a while LOL

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    Default Re: Enigma

    This was a Ground find, from a luftwaffe headquarter in Berlin.
    And i am building a replica, and will use the parts i have on it.
    I have a LOT of work... Waterfinds are harder to fix up...

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    Default Re: Enigma

    Some more of my Enigma Parts
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Enigma   Enigma  


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    Default Re: Enigma

    Yes it was smashed by the germans at the end of the war so the enemies would not get there hands on it.

    Like playing with Mecano ^^

    The first lot is in GREAT shape, hardly any rust, allmost like new. And the second one... well lets just say it needs some work *lol*

    Got them at an incredible price (550 Euro) for both lots. The Rotor Cover Hold-Downs alone cost 250$ in reproduction, and originals go for 500$, the rotor Shafts (i have 20 of these) cost 50$ each repro and 200$ original.

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    Very hard to find items. Good luck on your project too!

    I know of a guy here in the UK who owns a complete one. Guess where it came from? The local rubbish tip! Luckly he works there. But he had to buy it. I think he paid £8000? But still a very good price.

    Cheers, Ade.

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