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Finds in the GARBAGE!

Article about: There is a thread about a member restoring US canteen. Taking dents outs. just look for it or a member will chim in about it.

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    A Mec 650 sells for over $300 bucks. Sure, it's missing a couple of bits, but throw it in the garbage?

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    The press is a little rough, but seems to work ok! I'll probably sell it off to fund another militaria purchase.

    I like the FDNY civil defense helmet... Probably my favorite piece in this group.

    Can anyone help me ID the pouch?

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    looks like a few of my bren gun ammo pouches

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    Yep, standard 37 pattern British pouch.
    Some for sale on this site for reference ,,,,,


    Gary J.

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    Joe-now you can build your own set of P37 webbing! See this site:Pattern 1937 Web Equipment

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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    True, Kiwi-it's disturbing in the extreme to consider that this facility is just One tiny infinitesimally small location in the Entire World. What has been lost forever? It makes you shudder to even contemplate...
    I have thought the same many times; in fact, I was just having a conversation about this subject and thread with someone today. It troubles me to think that this is but one small facility, and there are millions like them around the globe. How many magnificent and unique pieces have been lost, that could rather have been in the hands of family or someone who cares?

    I feel a tad like the crazy cat lady, "I just think about how many don't have a home, and how I should have them."

    I think the video that contains that quote pretty much sums up our feelings for militaria: eHarmony Video Bio - YouTube

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    Lol - I hope none of us here on the Forum
    are that whacked.........!


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    Ill second that, YUCK!

    One word - Toxoplasmosis.

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    Thanks for the kind words as always, gentlmen!

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    The latest treasure from the trash heap:
    Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!

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