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Finds in the GARBAGE!

Article about: There is a thread about a member restoring US canteen. Taking dents outs. just look for it or a member will chim in about it.

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    Thanks, all!

    Unfortunately I am currently snowed in. These items are at my parents house and are unreachable for the time being. Better photos will come soon.

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    Spring has finally sprung!

    This is the first find of the season. Unfortunately, it went undetected until after going through the grinder... It looks like it may have been mint before the grinder smashed the tip of the scabbard and soiled the whole rig...

    Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!Finds in the GARBAGE!

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    That is a bummer... G

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    Joe-how are the grips and handle?

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    Lithgow, everything except the tip of the scabbard looks to be in good shape, just dirty!

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    It may be possible to repair it (at least cosmetically) or classify it as 'battle damage'! Either way a good find.

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    UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Thrown in the trash???????????? I just don't get it. BUT I am glad that you did get it!!!!!

    Semper Fi

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    Another nice save Joe.........!


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    Whatever dolt threw this in the garbage should have his nose hair trimmed with it....

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Thanks, gentlemen!

    I wish it was found literally 2mins earlier... It pains me to know that it could have been saved completely intact!

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